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It’s a real love fest. Read what they have to say:

They were careful with our items not to damage anything. Excellent insurance policy as well. They are full service, so can do everything from packing to installing furniture or as much as you wish.

I would highly recommend them for any moving job if you want the job done with professionalism, timeliness and no damage.

NorthStar worked fast and efficiently and made my move very easy…Definitely would recommend!

They called me first and arrived on time. Five movers did a good job! They worked Pretty and warp the furnitures with care.
They are pretty friendly and easy communicating. They even helped us to handle many small items.

They got in and out of my place and then in and out of my boyfriends place (two pick-up spots) and then moved us in to our new apartment. No real issues, though for context it was a very easy move with only minor furniture.

I will never ever move by myself again. NorthStar was the greatest purchase I have ever made. Super professional, timely, and they move quickly. Hardest thing I had to do was tell them we’re to put stuff.

Every part of the process was super smooth! We were able to book last minute and they showed up promptly ready to go. We quickly told them what needed to go and stay, what needed to be packed, etc. and they did it with little supervision.

I have used NorthStar for the past 14 years and over six moves and referred them numerous times. The reason being is what they quote is what I pay, they are fair, they are very careful and NOTHING has been damaged in all of my moves.

They gave me a call about an hour a head of time before they arrived to give me a heads up. As soon as they came they started right away and finished pretty quickly.

I just had one of the best moving experiences I have ever had with this company, which is saying A LOT considering the multitude of times I have moved in my life. I have hired more movers than I can recall over a period of at least 20 years, and these guys were nothing short of amazing.

They are the best in the industry. I would use them again. Professional, Reliable, Efficient. The dispatcher (Jason) always called the day before to confirm delivery and an hour ahead to confirm arrival.

We scheduled on short notice. They were highly professional. We were pleasantly surprised by all of the outcome.

They came in on time and completed the move of my business extremely quick. Everyone went smoothly and they were all a really professional group of guys!

Unloading went smoothly and everything was set up completely. All the trash and materials were removed and the whole job cost much less than the estimated maximum. Northstar’s people are always friendly and communicate well.

All three movers went far and beyond the call of duty with our move. They moved quick and finished before the estimated time.

Very easy to schedule and coordinate. Everything up front. No surprise charges.