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We think of it as a wonderful collaboration between the NorthStar Moving team and the great online community. We found some amazing creative commons photographs online, and got enthusiastic approval to place them on our website from the talented photographers. Thank you all!

All Rights Reserved Images used with permission

International Moves Page
Kangaroo, by Rachel Jacobs, NorthStar Moving Marketing Team Member

Storage Page
Locks of Love, by Rachel Jacobs, NorthStar Moving Marketing Team Member (page header)


Images used under the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0).

Moving Page

Randy’s Donut’s, by Rob Friedman, flickr
Chiat/Day Building, by IK’s World Trip, flickr
Capitol Records Building, by Channone Arif, flickr

Long Distance Moves

Spoon & Cherry, by Anthony Arrigo, flickr
Dinosaur World Sign from the Interstate, by London looks, flickr
Blue Whale from the Interstate, by Greg West, flickr
Paul Bunyon and Babe the Big Blue, by Clinton Steeds, flickr

International Moves Page

#125 | Eiffel/Seine, by Terry Presley, flickr, Cropped (page header)
Fiat 500, by Jorien Janssen, flickr

Luxury Packages/ Pet Care Page

Dogs, courtesy of

Luxury Packages/ Family Care Page

Skyscape, by Free-Photos, Pixabay

Luxury Packages/ Community Care Page

Palo Alto Digital DNA Egg, by Wonderlane, flickr

Moving with Pets Page

Joey in a Box, by Martin L., flickr
Ship’s Cat on Evening Watch, by Alan D. Coogan, flickr
Making friends at a stoplight, by Marya, flickr
Bodie in a 67’ Cougar, by Don Graham, flickr
Chew!, by John, flickr

Moving with Kids Page

My first solved Rubik’s cube, by Nina, flickr

Community page

Flying Hearts, by Design-Dog/Ian Ransley Design + Illustration, flickr, Cropped (page header)

Press Page

The Boxes Are Here, by Dina-Roberts Wakulczyk, flickr (used in this press item)

City Billboard, by Leo Reynolds, flickr (used in this press item)

Los Angeles Location Page

View of Downtown Los Angeles from the Getty Museum, by Justin Vidamo, Flickr.

San Francisco Location Page

San Francisco, by Tony Webster, Flickr, cropped, filters used, (Page header).
San Francisco, by Faruk Ateş, Flickr, filters used.

San Mateo Locations Page

1625 High Rise, by mliu92, Flickr, cropped, filters used (Page header).
What’s Great About America, by Orin Zebest, Flickr, filters used. 
8484 City, The, by mliu92, Flickr, filters used.
BofA Mosaic in San Mateo, by Franco Folini, Flickr, filters used.
Downtown San Mateo, by Vicki Moore, Flickr, filters used.
San Mateo Bridge, by Marc Smith, Flickr, filters used.

Pleasanton Location Page

Downtown Pleasanton, by jinglejammer, Flickr, cropped, filters used (Page header).
Pleasanton Firehouse Arts Center, by Jay Galvin, Flickr, cropped, filters used.
Pleasanton 1920s mural, by Jay Galvin, Flickr, cropped, filters used.
Shadow Cliffs 20150103, by caligula1995, Flickr, filters used.
January 19, 2010 KRON 4 Viewers Weather Pictures, by A Name Like Shields Can Make You Defensive, Flickr, filters used.

Pasadena Location Page

Pasadena by Alex Beattie, Flickr, cropped, filters used (Page header).
Gamble House, Pasadena, California, by Ken Lund, Flickr, filters used.
Pasadena Photowalk-80, by Paul, Flickr, filters used.
The Power of Imagination, by Prayitno, Flickr, cropped, filters used.
DSC07941 (Caltech), by William Zhang, Flickr, filters used.
The Old Pasadena Bridge, by Prayitno, Flickr, filters used.

Valencia Location Page

Fog in Santa Clarita, California, by Jeff Turner, Flickr, cropped, filters used (Page header).
Sunrise in Santa Clarita, California, Jeff Turner, Flickr.
Sunset in Santa Clarita, California, Jeff Turner, Flickr.
Six Flags Magic Mountain, by Jeff Turner, Flickr, cropped, filters used.

Birds of Valencia by Douwe Blumberg, by Konrad Summers, Flickr, filters used.

Irvine Location Page

curvy detail, by Orbitgal, Flickr, cropped, filters used (Page header).
California, by atramos, Flickr, filters used.
ferris wheel – irvine spectrum, by woolennium, Flickr.
DSC_0009 (OC Great park), by AngryJulieMonday, Flickr.

Bay Area Moves Page

The Flintstone House, by Jeffrey Cole, flickr, filters used

Agoura Hills movers

Paramount Ranch, by Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Flickr, filters used.

Chatsworth Movers

Chatsworth Reservoir (DSCN1337) by IvyMike, Flickr, filters used.
Santa Susana Stage Coach Road by David Lockeretz, NobodyHikesinLA, Filters used. 
Mountain Lion Sleeping in the Bathroom by Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Flickr, filters used. 

Hermosa Beach Movers

Sunsetsail, by Wicker Paradise,Flickr, filters used.
Bike Path… Hermosa Beach, CA by Moto@Club4AG Flickr, filters used.
Hermosa Beach, CA — Feb 28, 2009 by  Ray_from_LA Flickr, filters used.

Malibu Movers

Malibu Beach by V31S70 Flickr, filters used.
Los Angeles Vacation – September 2009 by David Berkowitz, Flickr, filters used.
thwack! by allannn, Flickr, filters used.
All your ducks in a row by exquisitur, Flickr, filters used.

Northridge Movers

All Photos by NorthStar Moving® Company. All rights reserved.

Sherman Oaks Movers

Sherman Oaks Galleria by Clotee Pridgen Allochuku, Flickr, filters used.
PICT6648 by dbrooksNY, Flickr, filters used.
Miniature Golf by Skakerman, Flickr, filters used.

Topanga Movers

Topanga Outlook by Kenneth Moore Photography, Flickr, filters used.

Universal City Movers

Famous Citywalk Gorilla by dzhingarov, Flickr, filters used.
Universal City Walk  by Christian Haugen, Flickr, filters used.
Studio Tour by Alexis Fam Photography, Flickr, filters used.
Metro Style by amytrippmyers, Flickr, filters used.

Canoga Park Movers

Topanga Canyon Mall by Clotee Pridgen Allochuku, Flickr, filters used.
De Soto Bridge with Domestic Architecture by, Flickr, filters used.
Flying Pigeon LA’s fleet of Firmstrong beach cruisers at the Canoga Park Orange Line station by ubrayj02, Flickr, filters used.
Canoga Park by Clotee Pridgen Allochuku, Flickr, filters used.

Calabasas Movers

All Photos by NorthStar Moving® Company. All rights reserved.

Marina del Rey Movers

view from my hotel balcony by maveric2003, Flickr, filters used.
Ballona Lagoon Marine Preserve Walking Path by portilaj, Flickr, filters used.
Marina Del Rey Entrance by Nan Palmero, Flickr, filters used.
Marina del rey by smalljude, Flickr, filters used.

Granada Hills Movers

All Photos by NorthStar Moving® Company. All rights reserved.

Bel Air Movers

Bell Air Sign by NorthStar Moving® Company. All rights reserved.
dscn2288 by Alan Light, Flickr, filters used.
bel-air-street by Blake Handley, Flickr, filters used.
dscn2321 by Alan Light, Flickr, filters used.

Silicon Valley Movers

1 Infinite Loop by kalleboo, Flickr, filters used.
Howard St/ Moscone Centre by Graham C99, Flickr, filters used.
Googleplex by rjshade, Flickr, filters used.
Redwood National Forest: X by basheertome, Flickr, filters used.

Torrance Movers

WP_000242 by lix – Flickr, filters used.
Torrance, CA beaches yesterday after the LAX takeoff by Mighty Travels,  Flickr, filters used.
1630 Revello Drive Sunnydale, CA by HarshLigh, Flickr, fliters used.
Torrance Beach by Vishal Jalan, Flickr, fliters used.
Mitsuwa Summer Festival by jessicahtam, Flickr, fliters used.

Unless otherwise noted, all the other photos, images and illustrations on this site have been either created by or licensed by NorthStar Moving. They may not be redistributed or used to create derivative works without the express written consent of NorthStar Moving Corporation or the original copyright holder, whichever applies.


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