Green Moving: Recycle, Donate, Pack – Part One

moving house by Nathan O'Nions (CC BY 2.0)

As you get ready for moving day, things you never even knew you owned magically surface out of nowhere.  You ask yourself do I really need this? Before the piles of “what to leave” and “what to pack” overwhelm you, take pause. Make a plan to get rid of all the belongings that aren’t hitching a ride to your new place.

As your full-service green moving company, NorthStar Moving® has the solution for your bulging moving boxes. We’ve partnered with local green community organizations to help recycle, reuse or dispose of your unwanted belongings while helping to keep our planet cleaner.

Recycle unwanted electronics.

green moving
photo by: art_es_anna

Your old VCRs and boom boxes can seem like relics to your kids. However, they can also be harmful to the environment if not discarded properly.

NorthStar Moving® and E-Cycle Environmental have joined forces to provide green moving to ensure that these items are recycled domestically and safely. Before you throw out your “what-cha-ma-call-it,” ask our Client Loyalty Team about moving your unwanted electronics to E-Cycle. You can also contact our green friends from E-Cycle directly.

Recycle unwanted furniture.

green moving
photo by: soundfromwayout

That couch has seen you through some good times and bad times, but sometimes it’s just time to say goodbye. Instead of throwing your couch out on the curb, help find it a good home. Working with our friends at the local Habitat for Humanity we can help move your unwanted furniture that is in good condition to help furnish new homes for families in need. Give your old furniture new life in a new home to help our planet stay green by moving with a green moving company.

Recycle unwanted clothing.

green moving
photo by: Thing Three

Make space in your new closet for new clothes. As you go through piles of your old clothing hiding in the back of your closet, make a special donation pile for the Goodwill of Southern California. We can help move your unwanted clothing to the local Goodwill, lightening your load while giving back to the community.

Off to a great start with green moving.

Green moving is not only easy, but it also makes room in your moving boxes and saves the planet. Just take a deep breath and get moving. For more green moving ideas, check out Green Moving Is As Easy As: Donate & Store – Part Two.