What type of move are you making?

Whether you’re moving just next door or from one shore to another, we’ve got you covered. NorthStar Moving Company is an award-winning eco-luxury moving company that’s ready to provide you with exceptional service. What type of move are you making?

Are you moving your home?

California Map (Local Moves)

Moving LESS than 100 miles within California?

Grab your sunglasses, and learn more about local moves.

California Moves 100+ Miles

Moving MORE than 100 miles within California?

Eureka! Going from the Golden Gate to the Hollywood sign? Switching out that mountain backdrop for some desert fauna? Learn more about California intrastate moves.

Sorry, We can't help you

Moving any distance WITHIN any other state?

Bummer. Sorry, we can’t help you. NorthStar Moving does not do local moves outside California, Arizona or Texas. Remember to choose a moving company that’s licensed, BBB-accredited and has a great reputation. A great reputation equals great rates.

Long Distance Moves

Are you moving from CA, AZ or TX to another state?

We’re ready to go the distance for you! Learn more about long distance moves.

Globe (International Moves)

Are you moving from CA, AZ or TX to another country?

Wunderbar! Fantastique! Magnífico! Take a break from looking for that passport, and learn more about international moves.

Are you moving your office?Office Moves

We know you mean business. We do, too. Whatever your unique needs may be, NorthStar Moving can help you with your next office move. Learn more about office moves.

Are you a celebrity?Celebrity Moves

You’re a star? So are we! Our client list even makes all the Hollywood agents green with envy. NorthStar Moving Company knows how to pack up your Oscars safely while keeping the paparazzi at bay. We can provide you with the services you need: everything from decoy trucks to working with security. Learn more about our special services for high-profile clients.

Are you a production company?Production Moves

With years of experience moving entertainment industry stars such as The Jim Henson Company and Dick Clark Productions, NorthStar Moving Company is here for all your needs behind the scenes. Learn more about production moves.