Hi! My name is Snap Greene™! Your eco-loving-moving-expert. I may look like a girl who loves eco bubble a little too much, but as you read through my posts you’ll find I’m more than just a cute face!

Besides my love of eco bubble, I like giving others the latest and greatest information on moving, going green, and everything in between. I have joined NorthStar Moving®, an eco-luxury moving company based in Los Angeles, California to help spread the word on all things moving related!

My family was introduced to NorthStar Moving® when moving into our awesome cardboard house on the Cali Coast in Santa Monica. Not only does the area provide great city snapshots, but my parents knew this would make our lifestyles a whole lot greener. Mom and Pop first came across NorthStar Moving® on Yelp! After reading reviews and noticing all the pop-arazzi™ following the moving company, my parents knew they were the right choice. Not only was everyone on the phone very helpful, but they are the greenest and most-trusted moving company around! We knew only NorthStar Moving® could protect our belongings while protecting the Earth as well.

After loading up the bio-diesel fueled trucks we were on our way to a greener and happier lifestyle! My mom and pop even had the movers wrap my younger brother Zippy, my little sister Sparkle, and me in eco bubble. We are their most valuable and fragile belongings and they wanted to make sure we were well-prepared for “moving happiness home™.”

“Moving happiness home™” with NorthStar Moving® was a snap! There were no fights, no yelling, no crying (not even from my little sister Sparkle) and moving was fun. My mom told me that moving can be a very stressful time for people, but this was the easiest move she has ever had. I had so much fun “Moving Happiness Home™” with NorthStar Moving® that I want to spread it to everyone in the world. Anywhere from a happy home to a few snappy tips™ NorthStar Moving® and I hope to help make your move as easy and pleasant as possible.

Not only does this site provide the latest and greatest info, but it’s only one click away from NorthStar Moving’s® home website, twitter, and facebook page.

twitter-buttonMy brother, Zippy, aka @northstarmoving, is out there in the Twitterverse reaching out to Twitterers everywhere. Before, during, or even after the move, my brother gives fast and professional advice for your moving experience. He has even teamed up with one of NorthStar Moving’s® co-founders to make sure he gets it right!

facebook-buttonAlso check out NorthStar Moving’s® facebook page posted with great ideas from some of the best websites. Find quick tips and info, enter contests, and check out pictures. Become a fan and leave a comment!