How To Make Moving Fun

Hopscotch @ home by Dingbatter (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Girls having funMoving soon? Wondering how to make moving fun? The first memories of your new home should be filled with fun! Most people associate moving with lots of stress, but with the right attitude and the right moving company, it can be a fun experience! Once you know how to make moving fun, you’ll find ways to make every day life fun too!

First things first, here’s how to make moving  fun when you start packing and cleaning up. If you sing out a couple high pitched la la la’s, woodland creatures will come in and help you tidy up your things while packing up! Just kidding! But what you can do is sing along to your favorite song as you clean up and pack up. My favorites are “Happy Working Song” or “Whistle While You Work.”

Make moving fun and whistle while your work (Photo by: JupiterSSJ4)

Now that you’ve tidied up, let’s figure out how to make moving fun while packing and unpacking! While you’re packing, put in some surprise goody bags or treasures sure to make you smile once you’ve unpacked them such as notes or little candies and rewards.

Photo by: LIN HSIN YAO

Mom and Pop knew how to make moving fun, they hid puzzle pieces in each of our moving boxes. Zippy, Sparkle, and we had to unpack each of our boxes really thoroughly to find all the pieces. By the time, we finally had all the pieces of the puzzle, the boxes were all unpacked! It was so much fun! When we finished moving, we ended up gluing the pieces together and hanging up the picture puzzle.

Now how to make moving fun for the whole family! Let the kids pack their own bag or choose some decorations for their room. Before the movers arrive with all of your things, camp out in the living room with your kids and just enjoy the large empty space. If you’ve already explored the house and know that there’s nothing unsafe, why not play a game of hide and seek with your kids? It gives them a chance to explore and gets the kids familiar with the new home.

(Photo by: ientu) Make moving fun by making it a game

Do you know how to make moving fun when unpacking? Channel your inner Mary Poppins and speak in a British accent. Just like how taking a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, speaking in a funny accent or dancing as you put things away or just having some silly fun makes moving lots of fun.

Make moving fun by hopping to your own beat (Photo by: Dingbatter)

The best and last way how to make moving fun is be positive! Moving can be scary but it’s also exciting because you get a fresh new start in a whole new world, well house, but it’s the same idea! Just be positive and know that maybe not everything will go your way, but keeping a good attitude makes moving fun. Moving happiness home is NorthStar Moving®’s motto, but it’s up to you to make your own happiness in your home after moving! Happy moving!