Moving to West Hollywood, CA

The Standard Hotel West Hollywood lobby by CarlosPacheco (CC BY 2.0)

Want to be a cool kid? Get moving to West Hollywood, and let your creative juices flow in the “Creative City.” West Hollywood is known as the playground to the stars, but you don’t have to be a star to move like one and get moving to WeHo! With cutting edge fashions, great shopping areas,  amazing avenues of art, and a cool night life, there is no place quite like the urban West Hollywood.

Fashion Central

Let your creativity roam free as you get moving to West Hollywood! Stop at the The Avenues – Art, fashion, & design for cutting edge fashion and amazing shopping deals. The head on over to the Sunset Strip on Santa Monica Boulevard. Not enough fashion for you? Head over to Melrose Avenue.  With such world-class fashion,  become the talk of the town, and out shine the stars themselves!

Shop by Night! (Photo by: Chalky Lives)
Shop by Day! (Photo by: fredcamino)

Creative Arts

Don’t think there is only fashion to this town! West Hollywood has a very strong commitment to showcasing art and culture all over town.There are hundreds of art venues all over town! One of my favorites if the Pacific Design Center. The “Creative City” is truly the perfect nickname for a town that lets you showcase your artistic talents almost everywhere!  Just check it out!

Photo by: Rennett Stowe


As a West Hollywood native, you’ll learn that more than the fun things during the day to do, the nightlife’s where it’s at. West Hollywood is the prime scene for amazing night life. Check out the amazing, historic Troubadour,  a club for all you serious music lovers! With amazing club scenes and other entertainment venues, the population of West Hollywood seems to double as the sun sets over the Hollywood Hills. Everything is in walking distance too!

A West Hollywood hot spot! Photo by: planetc1

If I haven’t got you sold on moving to West Hollywood yet, then you should it’s one of the most pet friendly locations in Southern California. There are even pet walks and parades done throughout the year.  There’s so much to West Hollywood, but I’ll let you discover its true charms once you’re moving there yourself! Follow @westhollywood on twitter for more tips.

WIth such cool art all around West Hollywood, why not get moving there? (photo by: Lord Jim)

I’ve always heard that “if you shoot for the moon even if you miss, you’ll end up among the stars.” I think they were talking about moving to West Hollywood!