How to Stay Organized!

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Want to be able to keep that Spring Cleaning you did last month still tidy? Have no fear! Snap Greene is here again with some great tips on how to stay organized and maintain your house cleanliness in fifteen minutes or less. Investing a few minutes each day or week of your schedule to organizing will actually save you time in the end. No lost time searching for your keys or your favorite book when everything has a place.

Make a Schedule! 
Stay organized by keeping a calendar and putting a cleaning schedule on there. A set schedule will create a routine to help keep your home organized. Stay organized by putting things away regularly because every day we accumulate new things. So be sure to toss anything that you no longer use. That’s one way on how to stay organized.

(organized room makes a happier you! photo by mazzali)

Put things where they belong

Also, a good daily tip to stay organized is making sure you put things away where they belong in the house. Sometimes we get sluggish and end up putting things where they don’t belong, so getting into the habit of placing things where they belong before they get out of place keeps your home organized. For example:

  1. A bowl, basket or hooking your keys right by your door ensures you will always find your keys and not misplace them.
  2. After coming home from work or school try making a habit to put your shoes in a shoe rack or invest in one. That way there aren’t any shoes cluttering the living room and hallway area.
  3. Do you own a lot of handbags? Try and invest in a coat hanger and be able to keep all your handbags organized and away from the floor.
  4. After dinner make it a habit to clean the dinner table and wash the dishes, that way when you wake up in the morning and don’t have piles of dishes in the sink.
  5. People stay organized by color coating their files. Paperwork can be a hassle to organize so color coating and labeling where each bill or important document belongs to will help keep you staying organized!

Investing in organizing items
Also, investing in clear box containers, shelf racks and storage bins will help reduce any clutter around your house and will make organizing easier.

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Remember, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Uncluttering doesn’t mean hiding items into closets or under beds. Stay organized by continually keeping note of what you are using and what you are not using.  Unnecessary items can be donated or stored in storage until you need them. Real organization is from the inside out.

(organized room makes a happier you! photo by mazzali)

So now that you are a pro in staying organized, tell us what tips we should add that helps you stay organized monthly?