Moving Tips From Snap’s Moving Day

moving house by Nathan O'Nions (CC BY 2.0)

Hi! It’s Snap Greene here again your trusty eco-loving-moving expert! I wanted to be able to share some moving tips with you guys before your big move! Also, speaking of moving, I am in the process of moving to another cardboard house near Long Beach so I can be close to the Children’s Hospital. Zippy and Sparkle also helped create some of these moving tips as well. On our last move, zippy, sparkle and I had so much fun moving with NorthStar Moving because moving was a snap!

Now that I am an expert in moving! I am going to share my moving tips with you guys!

Moving Tip #1 Packing your books and documents

  • Always use a book box
  • Always pack from heaviest book to lightest
  • Make sure you tape the bottom and top correctly

Moving Tip # 2 Make moving fun!

  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Make a playlist with your favorite tunes
  • Camp out in the living room before all your things arrive
  • Think of moving as an adventure

Moving Tip # 3 What to eat on moving day

  • Eat healthier more nutritional foods for breakfast such as, whole grain cereal or steel cut oatmeal
  • Balance your day out with healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts and yogurt.
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water during your move
Make sure you pack correctly! (photo by cuttlefish)

Moving Tip # 4 How to correctly tape a box

  • Invest in a tape dispenser that has a handle
  • Make sure you use less tape when packing boxes
  • Be sure you are packing on a flat surface

I also created a video on my update about my move and I also came up with more moving tips that will help organize you during your big move! Enjoy! Till next time!

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