Moving to Pacific Palisades, CA

Getty Villa Pool 051410F by vmiramontes (CC BY 2.0)

Want to live right off the beach but enjoy the luxury of the big city? Then Pacific Palisades is the perfect place to move to! Pacific Palisades is located just east of Brentwood and west of Malibu. With just the right combination of private estates, small homes and public spaces, Pacific Palisades is a welcoming community.

Before moving to Pacific Palisades consider some of the community events and city attractions. The best time to visit Pacific Palisades is summertime! Make sure to discover the beauty of this Southern California gem. Every 4th of July the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce hosts a parade and a firework show at Palisades High School.

There are many things to do in Pacific Palisades. If you like to take a stroll to the park or go on a bike trail then the Will Rogers Historical Park and The South Bay bicycle trailis a must! Pacific Palisades is a fantastic city for anyone who love to be out doors and stay active.

getty villa
Near the Getty Villa (Photo by: vmiramontes)

If you are more artsy and love to learn things, then check out the Getty Villa located in Pacific Palisades. An extension of The Getty Museum, the Getty Villa is an educational museum which exhibits the culture and art of ancient Greece and Rome. Amazing architecture, breathtaking gardens and wondrous views of the Pacific, The Getty Villa is the best neighbor to have. You might run into other Pacific Palisades locals like Steven Spielberg or J.J. Abrams planning out their next big film.

Speaking of artsy and genuine art, check out the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Museum located on Sunset Blvd. The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine is a scenic and beautiful sanctuary. The Lake Shrine includes ducks, swans, trees and flowers. There are so many activities and events at the temple, such as weddings, memorials, Sunday services, and also group mediation. Wow, a perfect place for some rest and relaxation!

(photo by 305 Seahill)

Have kids? Take them to the Pacific Palisades Village Arts & Enrichment Center where they offer a number of classes in the arts for kids under 6. While the little ones are having a blast, sign up your older kids for Pacific Palisades Pali Camp. There’s so much to do at Pali Camp, they have huge variety of activities with a cute Hawaiian theme! Don’t worry! While your kids are having fun at the Pacific Palisades Village Arts and Pali Camp you can relax yourself at the Gavri Spa & Boutique where their mission says relaxation is a lifestyle not a luxury. Also, check out the local Pacific Palisades Village bookstore, it’s great for all ages and it has over a wide selection of books, CD’s and DVD’s.

There’s a lot more to do in Pacific Palisades, but I would love to hear what your favorite parts of Pacific Palisades are? Please write them down on the comments section down below!

Pacific Palisades (photo by Jmr Photography)