Moving to Thousand Oaks, CA

Gnarled Oak Tree Branches by Randy Son Of Robert (CC BY 2.0)

Named for the oak trees throughout the town, Thousand Oaks is a bright community with neighborly charm. Why not get moving to Thousand Oaks for its family friendly environment and the fantastic weather throughout the year? Not to mention that moving to Thousand Oaks means moving to one of the safest neighborhoods in the United States often making the top ten for safest neighborhoods in surveys. Everything in Thousand Oaks is local. All the shopping, entertainment, libraries, and parks are close which makes traveling easy!

Reason#1 For Moving to Thousand Oaks: Great Kid Appeal!

If you’re a book lover, you better get moving to Thousand Oaks, because they have one of the best public libraries in California with a huge section dedicated to children with reading rooms and an aquarium.

Oak Tree
Kids are actively moving to Thousand Oaks for parks like these! (Photo by: Randy Son of Robert)

There’s a huge focus on teenagers as well! There’s so many different sports leagues for kids ranging from soccer and basketball to lacrosse and swimming! But the sports are just for the kids in Thousand Oaks, there’s the Sherwood Country Club which is home to an annual world class golf tournament.

Reason #2 For Moving to Thousand Oaks: Shopping & Entertainment Are Close By!

For all the performers and music lovers, get moving to the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. They have plenty of plays and concerts going on to keep you entertained throughout the year with different stages and lots of parking.

Performing at Thousand Oaks Civic Art Plaza
House of Floyd got moving to Thousand Oaks to perform! (Photo by: EddieBerman)

Once you’vre done with shows, get moving to Thousand Oaks for its shopping! Head on over to The Oaks, a two level indoor/outdoor shopping mall! The Oaks is refreshing spot to get your shopping needs done, and it was recently renovated with luxury features designed with Spanish and Santa Barbara architecture and style in mind.

Reason #3 For Moving to Thousand Oaks: Awesome Landmarks!

The hidden gem of Thousand Oaks, the Conejo Valley Botanical Garden is 33 acres of natural terrain with hundreds of different plants and trees to walk through. And it’s free and open every day except for holidays! The Conejo Valley Botanical Garden is definitely a great reason for moving to Thousand Oaks! Also as if the Conejo Valley Botanical Garden wasn’t enough, there’s the Gardens of the World with a variety of beautifully arranged gardens! if the botanical garden shows the natural, the Gardens of the World shows the beauty of gardens from all over the world.

Gardens of the World
I’d get moving to Thousand Oaks just to see these awesome gardens! What about you? (Photo by: sykosam)

Another great place in Thousand Oaks which gives you more incentive to get moving to Thousand Oaks is the Stagecoach Inn.   Originally built in 1857, it burned down in 1976 and was rebuilt as the Stagecoach Inn Museum and became a state landmark! The original Stagecoach Inn was used as a school, a theater, a post office, a steak house, a gift shop, and a movie set! Next to the Stagecoach Inn is yet another landmark, and that is the glorious Sycamore Tree. And this is just one of the many landmarks in Thousand Oaks. Try to visit all of them and get moving to Thousand Oaks all over!

California Historical Landmark - Sycamore Tree
Get moving to Thousand Oaks for the California Historical Landmark Sycamore Tree! (Photo by: tkksummers)

Why wait? Thousand Oaks is also the most popular city in Conejo Valley which just shows you how many people get moving to Thousand Oaks! Got any more exciting information on why you should get moving to Thousand Oaks? Tell me in the comments or tweet my brother Zippy (@northstarmoving).