Upcycled Pop Art: Creative Eco Bubble Creations

Bubble Wrap Macro November 28, 201011 by stevendepolo (CC BY 2.0)

I love seeing all the creative ideas people have when it comes to upcycling cardboard, t-shirts and other reusable materials. Recently I’ve come across a ton of amazing ideas for reusing or reinventing eco bubble, giving it a new life other than helping to keep your belongings safe. I thought I’d share the great eco bubble creations I’ve found!

I also love these plastic bag jellyfish! (photo by angelune)

Eco Bubble Animals

There are so many fun animals to make from the unique texture of eco bubble. So far I’ve come across eco bubble snakes, crocodiles, and even a jellyfish!

Eco Bubble Printing

Eco bubble makes a great stamp. You can use fabric paint to make things like napkins or clothing. Use other types of paint to create art, greeting cards and even Easter eggs!

Bubble art! (photo by paulabaker)

Eco Bubble Decor

Eco bubble furniture? Eco bubble art? Sounds cool to me! I love this eco bubble and cardboard chair (two of my favorite materials!). This eco bubble flower screen is both stylish and functional. Some other great eco bubble creations I’ve seen include a vase, holiday trees and even wallpaper!

Painted eco bubble art! (Photo by elizajanecurtis)

Eco Bubble Costumes

There are quite a few people dressing up in eco bubble! I’ve seen some eco bubble dresses, people wrapped up in eco bubble, and even a few great costumes perfect for Halloween. My little sister would make a pretty cute eco bubble corn.

Making a jellyfish costume (photo by tsuacctnt)

Making a jellyfish from eco bubble is another easy costume! Just hang strips of eco bubble from an umbrella. Voilà! Instant eco bubble happiness.

Now the best eco bubble creation I think I’ve come across has to be this: eco bubble chocolate! Mmmm.

Eco bubble chocolate! (photo by Darwin Bell)

I found all these fantastic eco bubble creations using my brother Zippy’s new Pinterest account. Do you pin? Check out the eco bubble creations board for many more eco bubble creations and ideas.

Have any other clever ideas for making eco bubble more than just packing material? I’d love to hear about them in the Comments section! Please share!