Moving to Donegal, Ireland: The Land of Saints and Scholars

Since I’m obsessed with Ireland, I just had to write about Ireland more! All of Ireland’s 32 counties are great, but I’ve chosen to write about Donegal, Ireland, or in Irish Dún na nGall. Donegal, Ireland is known as the Forgotten County, because it’s the only county in the province of Ulster that is not a part of Northern Ireland. Located in the northwest of Ireland, Donegal is a perfect place to get moving to. Wondering why? I’ll tell you!

The Scenery of Donegal, Ireland:

Donegal is the most mountainous of all the counties in Ulster. Donegal, Ireland is also home to the highest sea cliffs in Ireland, Slieve League, and contains the most northern part of Ireland, Malin Head. From the beaches like Rossnowlaugh to Glenveagh National Park, the only National Park in the province Ulster, there are so many beautiful places to see in Donegal, Ireland!  I highly recommend visiting Glenveagh–it encompasses some 39536.9 acres in the heart of the Derryveagh Mountains. If you want to see some of the most serene scenes in Donegal, Ireland, then go there!

Sunset in Donegal, Ireland (Photo By: RedCraig)
Sunset in Donegal, Ireland (Photo By: RedCraig)

The Lifestyle in Donegal, Ireland:

Donegal, Ireland has a population of 161,137 (compare that to Los Angeles County’s population of 9.963 million people). Living in Donegal, Ireland is like living in hamlet.  If you love that sense of community and family, then Donegal, Ireland is the place for you. Unlike the other counties in Ireland, Donegal is more leisurely.But there are still many fun things to do! The pubs in Donegal, Ireland are some of the best around. Stop by at a local restaurant and try some local food. In Donegal, Ireland, you’ll always be surrounded by people.  You’ll love it so much; you’ll never want to leave!

A small Donegal town (Photo By: Ana _Rey)
A small Donegal, Ireland town (Photo By: Ana _Rey)

The History of Donegal, Ireland:

As I have mentioned, Donegal, Ireland, is called the Forgotten County. This isolation from the rest of the Republic of Ireland has lead to Donegal, Ireland having a very distinct identity. Donegal feels a little more old-fashioned than the rest of the country. Locals love to say “Up here, it’s different.” If you’re looking for a place unlike the rest, you’ve gotta get moving to Donegal, Ireland.

Have you been to Donegal, Ireland? Do you want to move to Donegal, Ireland one day? Tell me all about it in the Comments section!