Fashion Gets You Moving into Your New Home

16 elfe eco luxe fashion exposé by Looking Glass (CC BY-SA 2.0)

When you’ve decided to get moving, you want to get moving in style. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to think about how to transition to a new home and looking and to change the way we look and feel about ourselves. Have no fear! There are people who can help you get moving in style! Stylists can help you de-clutter what you don’t need and help you create a stylish wardrobe while moving. If you’re in need of wardrobe assistance, consider getting fashion expertise!

Getting a personal stylist definitely garnered a famed nickname and can turn your style and closet from drab to fab as easy as hiring someone with a fashionista experience.

Lauren Messiah Personal Stylist

Lauren told me about the three most important staples to have in your wardrobe and closet ready for this year’s holiday season.

1)    The LBD. Be sure to always have a little black dress in your closet! It is a must and one of the most important staples to have in your closet. Lauren suggests pairing the plain black dress with color. Add a pop of color with your shoes, jewelry, or wearing a scarf as a statement piece with your LBD.

Incorporate accessories to live it up your LBD! ( photo by lovemaegan)

2)    It’s the holidays! Lauren mentions to add sparkle and glitz into your wardrobe for a festitive look! Bring out the sequin clothing! If you don’t own clothing that has sequin you can check out local department stores since it is one of the top trends this holiday season! Also strike a pose with studded embellishments on your shoes, sweaters and jackets. ‘Tis the season to sparkle and add cheer!

Wear studded embellishments this holiday season! (image by sdaponte)

3)    Christmas always reminds us of those ugly sweaters, but this year the fashion police won’t arrest you for wearing a holiday sweater. Some of this year’s chic holiday sweaters will definitely add a fun look to your wardrobe.

Turn your holiday sweater into a fashion statement! ( photo by anniehp)

Need more fashion tips and to have a brand new look for your next move? Check out Lauren’s new customized package “Personal Stylist” to make room for the new and get rid of the old! Get connected with Lauren as well! Find her on Twitter and Facebook!

I would also love to hear any holiday fashion tips that you might have! Please write them down on the comment section below!