Give Something Back for the Holidays

"it's a small world" holiday by HarshLight (CC BY 2.0)

The holidays are here! While it’s tempting to go overboard and give gifts galore, why not give something back and donate to a charity instead? There are many organizations that need your help to brighten the lives of others. Make this holiday season a time to give something back! There is no better feeling in the world than helping someone in need.

Make- A- Wish Foundation

Give Something Back!

The Make-A-Wish Foundation gives children the wish of a lifetime! Literally! From awesome bedroom makeovers to being SF BatKid, this foundation grants wishes to children battling life threatening medical conditions. You can give something back this holiday season by letting kids live their dreams. So, go ahead! Give something back, and help them grant many more wishes to deserving children!

Claire’s Place Foundation

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Claire’s Place Foundation helps children and families living with cystic fibrosis. Claire Wineland was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth, but she never let it get in the way of her aspirations and dreams. She is determined to give something back by making the world a better place. Donating to this wonderful cause is a great way to give something back to such deserving people and their families.

Habitat for Humanity

Give Something Back!
Give Something Back!

Give something back to deserving families by building homes for them! It’s so simple to give something back by donating to Habitat for Humanity. (There is even a quick guide to show how much money is needed to get certain materials.) Helping a family in need is a great way to give something back for the holidays.

Move for Hunger

Give Something Back!
Give Something Back!

Move for Hunger is a great organization that works hard to give something back by feeding communities. Their operation is ingenious–by working with moving companies, including NorthStar Moving, Move for Hunger helps people who are moving donate their non-perishable food items to people in need. Next time you’re moving (or just cleaning out the pantry), think about how you can give something back to this organization.



Donating to Goodwill this season is a great way to give something back AND empty your house of unwanted items. Goodwill accepts all sorts of things! Donating to Goodwill is a great way to give something back to people who need your help.

There are so many wonderful organizations that could use your help this holiday season. Which organization will you give something back to? Let me know in the Comments section!