Small and Spacious: Moving into Your Tiny Apartment

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Whether you’re living in a big city, moving to a college apartment, or on a budget, a tiny apartment could be your next home. Although a tiny apartment brings to mind cramped quarters and confined spaces, that doesn’t have to be the case! You can move happiness home no matter what the size of that home may be. A tiny apartment is not something to frown about when you’re smart about space. Put on your thinking cap and follow along with these tips for making a tiny apartment something to smile about.

Simplify the Stuff in Your Tiny Apartment

Even before you move into your tiny apartment for the first time, it’s important to get rid of the clutter. That’s right–just get rid of it! Do you really need that snow globe collection taking up the coffee table? Plan your move to your tiny apartment by simplifying beforehand. Or if you’re already moved in, take a look around and figure out what you can get rid of in your tiny apartment. How do you do that? It’s easy!

Empty your belongings on the floor and sort through them. Sort your pile into four categories: “Keep,” “Give Away/Donate,” “Trash/Recycle,” and “Store.” Have a friend with an objective opinion help you get rid of items. If you want to keep something you don’t use, think about upcycling it into something you can use like a t-shirt blanket or weaved newspaper basket.

Say No to Clutter in your Tiny Apartment! (Photo by storebukkebruse)
Say No to Clutter in Your Tiny Apartment! (Photo by storebukkebruse)

If there’s something you just can’t bear to part with and you don’t want to upcycle it, here are some tips for finding extra storage in your tiny apartment.

Color Me Happy in Your Tiny Apartment

How you decorate your tiny apartment makes all the difference between a cramped place and a nice open space. Opt for clear or mirrored furniture to give the illusion of spaciousness. Keep the walls and floors light and bright. Paint and flooring colors should be white or light neutrals. Dark colors slim a tiny apartment down. We don’t want that! For the finishing touch in your tiny apartment, bring in lots of light. Again, dark spaces are the enemy of a tiny apartment! Natural light is the greenest way to brighten up your space, but if you have to use electric, make sure your bulbs meet Energy Star standards!

Light Bedroom in a Tiny Apartment (Photo by suzettesuzette)
Light Bedroom in a Tiny Apartment (Photo by suzettesuzette)

Clutter-Free Zone in Your Tiny Apartment

Just like you simplified your stuff, the same goes for decorating: less is more. A clean look in your tiny apartment makes it feel larger, so avoid papering the walls with posters and keep clutter off surfaces as much as possible. For example, here are some awesome DIY ideas for an under-the-cabinet knife rack and magnetic spice tins for the fridge.

Double Duty Furniture in Your Tiny Apartment

Make your furniture do all the work in your tiny apartment! Double duty furniture like a DIY storage bed, sleeper sofas, tables with drop-down or removable leaves, and ottomans that double as storage cubes are the tiny apartment dweller’s best friends.

Foldaway Bed in a Tiny Apartment (Photo by Associated Fabrication)
Foldaway Bed in Your Tiny Apartment (Photo by Associated Fabrication)

Build Up in Your Tiny Apartment

Bunk beds and Murphy beds are famous for inhabiting tiny apartments, but those aren’t the only ways to save space. If you think vertically, you can save space by working your way up. Do so by mounting your bike, your guitars, your desk, and even your jewelry collection on a wall.

Mount Your Bike in Your Tiny Apartment (Photo by mrbichel)
Mount Your Bike in Your Tiny Apartment (Photo by mrbichel)

Do you live in a tiny apartment? About to move to a tiny apartment? Share any tips, tricks, or questions you have in the Comments section!

For more space-saving tips, check out this article over at MSN Living. Your tiny apartment is going to look great!