Spring Break is Right Around the Corner!

Poppies by Dvortygirl (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Well hello NorthStar movers! Spring is going pretty awesome for me…especially knowing that spring break is almost here! This is our chance to take a break from all the studying and just put our feet up and relax! But don’t just sit at home, get moving! Involve yourself in some outdoor activities and get moving while the sun is shining bright! Where to go and what to do for spring break?

Take a picnic! There’s nothing better than spending your spring break relaxing in the park! Not only are you surrounded by beautiful nature, but it’s also a chance to get moving and stay active! After having a picnic lunch with family and friends, get moving on your feet and play some cool games or sports!

Hiking in the woods (Photo by: vastateparksstaff)

Go Hiking! Spent the day in nature by going on a hike! Challenge yourself to go all the way to the top of the mountain! I love hiking…it’s a great way to stay active and keep moving! Going with your family and friends is a great way to share laughs and memories since you get to encourage everyone to make it to the top! But don’t forget to always have water with you when you’re moving!

Road Trip
Spring break road trip! (Photo credit: usadifranci)

Take a Spring Break Road Trip! I love taking road trips! It’s a great opportunity for the family to come together during spring break and get moving anywhere. And hey, invite your friends to come along! Make the best out of it by planning some games in the car to keep everyone entertained! Pack some tasty and healthy snacks to eat! It can be a fun learning experience too! I love moving to new cities and getting to know different towns we stop by. You have the chance to stop at a city and learn the amazing history behind the city and why it’s so unique!

Beautiful Laguna Beach! (photo credit: jcarbaugh)

Go to the beach during spring break! Beaches always make me happy! Whether you go to the beach with friends or family, it is worth the trip! Swim or lay down under the sun to really make your spring break a relaxing one!  You can always spend the day on the pier or moving around the area where they have some cool stores and souvenirs. Ending your day with food and ice cream equals a perfect day!

Occupy yourself with some creativeindoor activities! With all of these moving amazing outdoor activities, I’m sure you would love to spend some time indoors having fun. Spend your time doing arts and crafts. Create an awesome art piece for your room! Invite your friends and have a movie night with some popcorn and snacks! I hope all of you will be all smiles during your spring break my happy NorthStar movers! Got any awesome spring break experiences? I’d love to hear about your spring break adventures in the comments.