Upcycle Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallet by alisdair (CC BY 2.0)

Being a fan of all things green and all things moving, I love the idea of upcycling wooden pallets used for moving. Not only are they fantastic for moving your belongings safely during long distance moves, they can be upcycled into some amazingly useful stuff! I’ve come across a lot of amazing ideas for upcycling wooden pallets, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite wooden pallets upcycled ideas!

What can a wooden pallet be? Almost anything!  While they aren’t high quality wood, they are great for inexpensive furniture and decorations around the house. They are both functional and fashionable!

Hanging Garden!

If you’re short on garden space, grow flowers or plants on a wooden pallet! You can either attach pots to the wooden pallet or use the wooden pallet itself! Here’s a great guide by Kelly Moore to help you out.

pallet garden
(Photo By various brennemans)

A Compost Bin!

I love composting! It’s a great green way to get break down your scraps, and it’s even better when your composting bin is made from recycled wooden pallets! It’s an easy way to fence off space in your backyard for a composting pile. (For more on composting, check out this post!)

compost pile
(Photo By Ciarán Mooney)

Wooden Pallet Furniture!

From couches to tables to chairs, there’s no limit of what you can make when you upcycle wooden pallets! You can use wooden pallets to create a base for a bed or a couch. (Make sure they are well anchored and at the same level!) Cover it with a mattress or some pillows, and a wooden pallet couch and bed! The wooden pallets’ open slots can be used for storing clothes or books as well.

wooden pallet bed
(Photo By Jodimichelle)

Add some paint to some wooden pallets and attach wheels, and you’ve got an awesome coffee table!  Other projects involve more work, but by simply unscrewing and reusing the wood from the wooden pallets, you can create chairs, desks,  and so much more!

pallet furniture
(Photo By pierrevedel.com)

You can also create bookshelves and great art pieces with wooden pallets. Wooden pallets make a great book shelve or display case for pictures and other pieces of art.  For more inspiration, check out this great pinterest about DIY wtih Pallets and Crates! If you want more information on how to find the perfect wooden pallet to use, here’s a great post by lifehacker.

What will you upcycle from wooden pallets? (Photo By Walt Stoneburner)