Get Moving: Host Your Own Olympic Games Party

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 2 : Skiier by wiredforlego (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Thinking of throwing a party to celebrate the XXII Winter Games in Sochi? Get moving, and make it a party fit for an Olympian! Keeping physically fit is important, and let’s face it, watching the Olympics is usually not a participation sport. With a little planning, you can celebrate the Olympics, get healthy, and have a blast doing it! So get ready to have fun, get moving, and celebrate the Winter Games by hosting your own Olympic Games party!

Olympic Party Games for Kids:

Photo by: Vincent Angler
Photo by: Vincent Angler

Gymnastics: Break out the yoga mats (or blankets!), and create a gym floor.  Decide which Olympic floor events you’ll be attempting. Age and skill level of your party guests will be a deciding factor. If you aren’t sure, stick with cartwheels and hand stand competitions. You can also place a ribbon in a straight line on the ground and have the kids practice on the “balance beam.”

Synchronized Activities: Anything from juggling to pushups to snow angels can be synchronized to keep things moving and add performance fun to your party.  You can even put your party guests to work by having a synchronized party food prep session: synchronized egg cracking, flour dumping and mixing, etc.

Photo by: Kenny Louie
Photo by: Kenny Louie

Olympic Party Games for Kids of All Ages:

Trivia Quiz: For a rest period in the day, make a fun Olympics-themed quiz and award prizes to the brainiest party guests! Or, keep your party moving by adding a physical element to each question. For instance, if your trivia question is about a skier who won the gold medal four years ago, you must ski in place while you answer.

Hula Hoop Sudden Death: Get enough hula hoops for however many party guests you have, and let them hula ‘til they drop. Last party guest standing is the winner! Be sure to break adult party guests and kid party guests into separate groups!

Photo by: Happy Worker
Photo by: Happy Worker

Organized Team Sports: Soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey–split your party guests into teams, and score big!

Winter Relay Race: Get doubles of winter clothing like hats, mittens, scarves, socks and skis or winter boots if you have them. Here’s how it works: divide into two teams, and have one party guest put on all the clothes, run to the next party guest on their team, take everything off as that party guest hurries to dress. First team to finish wins! Odd numbered teams? Designate one party guest official Olympic photographer!

Olympic Party Game Prizes:

Olympic Party Prizes: Make your own medals! Certain party guests will win certain party games, but make sure each party guest is awarded something. Try fun categories like “Most Dedicated Participant” or “Gold Medal Attitude.”

Are you going to get moving and host an Olympic themed party this year? I’d love to hear about it in the Comments section!