Tune in to “Everyday Health” for update on the Health Heroes!

Making your weekend plans? Make sure to watch “Everyday Health” this Saturday at 11 am on your local ABC television station for a follow up episode revisiting health heroes from previous episodes, including me! “Everyday Health” caught up with us at our fun filled “Day at the Beach” fundraising event for an update on our exciting work. We had so much fun with Joe Manganiello and Chad Lowe that day, I can’t wait to see it on TV and I hope you tune in too. Check Read More

A Day at the Beach with Claire’s Place Foundation

Hi again! So let me tell you about my upcoming fundraiser “A Day at the Beach.” It’s Feb 11th and it’s going to be at… oh wait can’t say that part! (secret location, you have to register to find out) but i can say it’s at the beach! We will be hanging out with Joe Manganiello (the werewolf from TrueBLood), Chad Lowe, Whole Foods bringing some food and snacks, Lion Heart fitness kids will be doing some great fitness activities for kids and Jeff Blair will be doing Read More

“What an Amazing Year we’ve had!”

Dear friends,
What an amazing year we have had! Claire fought through three difficult hospital stays, a crazy weight loss scare and a couple stays in the Intensive Care Unit and still managed to speak at Tedx in September, do two flashmob events, interview Zac Efron and others via Positively Positive, do two national TV shows highlighting her work to help families and children living with Cystic Fibrosis, and most Read More

My Summer Update!

lights, camera, action! Claire helps spread the word about fighting cystic fibrosis What have I been up to this summer?
I’ve been doing a lot this summer! We started off doing the ABC thing, so I can’t give too many details, but it’s for a program called, “Everyday Health Heroes.” Please look out for it on TV and tune in! I am still not sure who referred us, or how they heard about us, but they were interested in what we were doing. So they came to our house and filmed for three days and we did another flash mob for Read More

Flash Mob Take Two!

That’s right we are doing it again! I am so excited to do our flash mob again because it was so much fun and this time it will be filmed for National TV! Can you believe it? Our first Flash mob in May got so much… Read More

A Flash Mob dance is coming to Santa Monica! Get Ready!

Claire's Place Foundation logoEver been a part of a flash mob? I am going to be and you are all invited! Hope you’re all well, because exciting things are happening all around! We’ve started Claire’s Place Foundation dedicated to helping people with Cystic Fibrosis and their families.
I’m super excited about Claire’s Place Foundation’s first big event. What is it? Well, it has to do with dance, music, people coming together, fun, and a surprise. What’s not to be excited about? We have Read More