A Flash Mob dance is coming to Santa Monica! Get Ready!

Dancing by pedrosimoes7 (CC BY 2.0)

Claire's Place Foundation logoEver been a part of a flash mob? I am going to be and you are all invited! Hope you’re all well, because exciting things are happening all around! We’ve started Claire’s Place Foundation dedicated to helping people with Cystic Fibrosis and their families.
I’m super excited about Claire’s Place Foundation’s first big event. What is it? Well, it has to do with dance, music, people coming together, fun, and a surprise. What’s not to be excited about? We have a big Flash Mob planned for very early next month!!! Yes! I’m so glad to see a lot of you signed up already and more are signing up every day. We met with the people from the location and the Flash Mob choreographer. They’re all so great, they really just want to help and be a part of this thing we’re creating, so all of it already feels very energized. We even have some known faces giving us amazing support including actors and production folk from the  Supernatural TV show.

My mother and I during a rehearsal in Culver City

Here are three ways you can support us:

  1. Register to dance with us! It will be fun!!!  Join our group of awesome people who showed up for our big flash mob rehearsal in Culver City last week. They are the best!
  2. Can’t make it on May 1st? Here’s a great way to show your support: learn the dance with a group of friends, film it and send it to us to put in the final video. Use the regular registration form as a participant but add a note that you will not be performing with us in Santa Monica. Email melissa@clairesplacefoundation.org for information on how and where to send the video.
  3. Go through the registration and choose ticket type donation only I will not be dancing and make a donation to our foundation right away!
Claire Winelad at a dance rehearsal for her Flash Mob
One of our dance reheasals

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor or giving a celebrity shout out to support the flash mob please see the details on the Flash Mob registration page.

We already have great sponsors in our team, including NorthStar Moving®, Flash Mob America, My Location Scouts and The Pretenders Studio, as well as awesome celebrities and very cool human beings supporting, participating or spreading the word like Adam Duritz from the Black Crows, Seamus Dever & Jon Huertas from the show Castle, Kathryn Fiore, Tracy Pollan, Michael J. Fox, Kaitlin Olson  from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Amy Gumenick, Gabriel Tigerman, Julie McNiven, and Erick Kripke from the CW’s Supernatural and many more.

Here is a celebrity shout out video Amy & Lisa Gumenick made for us:


I hope you can make it to the flash mob: May 1st, 3:00pm, Santa Monica. Exact location will only be given to you upon registration! Because it’s a secret…shhhh!

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Flash Mob Dance Rehearsal