An Eco-friendly New Year’s Eve

It’s the end of the year! Time to celebrate and throw festive parties! Why not throw an eco-friendly New Year’s Eve party and go green for the New Year? Snap Greene here to show you more ways to be eco-friendly and how to host a super fun eco-friendly party! Read More

Have An Eco-friendly Christmas

Christmas isn’t all about red and green, well maybe, green if you want to have an eco-friendly Christmas this year! The only thing that makes the holidays better is when you make sure to celebrate green. Here are some ways to have a great Eco-friendly Christmas. Read More

How to have a Green Thanksgiving

Start a new tradition this year for thanksgiving, how about a green Eco-friendly thanksgiving! Here are some ways you can help the planet this thanksgiving and make green Thanksgiving a tradition!

The first step in having a green thanksgiving is buying Eco-friendly utensils. That’s if you are planning to host a thanksgiving dinner and would rather not bother using your own silverware. Read More

How to have a Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Thinking of planning a Thanksgiving feast with the family? Or going to any Thanksgiving dinner parties? Oh, but wait! Is there a possible way we can have a vegetarian thanksgiving?

Sure there is! Snap Greene will show you how to have a wonderful vegetarian thanksgiving. Read More