Moved to Terror Again: LA Halloween Events!

I love the feeling of fall in the air! Black cats, orange pumpkins, trick or treating, and tons of LA Halloween Events! Anyone living and moving in Los Angeles knows that Halloween is a huge holiday! With all the movie magic, special affects, set designers, and aspiring actors, it is no wonder that Los Angeles celebrates Halloween with passion. It’s time to get moving to some LA Halloween events! Read More

How to Have A Green Halloween!

It’s that time of year again, October which means Halloween! Time for orange pumpkins, fall colors all around, and black cats.  Traditionally Halloween is orange, but this year, let’s green Halloween. There’s no better way to celebrate your Halloween than with an awesome green Halloween costume party.  So here’s some awesome ideas to have a great green Halloween party! Read More

Forget Orange: Have a Green Halloween!

I love October. Autumn leaves, cooler weather, an abundance of squash, and time for green Halloween! Yes, Halloween is all about black cats and orange pumpkins, but why not make it a green Halloween? You don’t need to go abandon your candy corn for broccoli,… Read More