Extra Space in Your Yard?

Tilt/Slant: Silver Lake Guest House by Jeremy Levine Design (CC BY 2.0)

So you find yourself living in a new place, maybe with a new backyard and some extra space? If you’ve moved and want to add a greener environment to your fresh abode try putting your green thumb to the test! Start growing your own fruits and vegetables! Don’t know exactly how to keep your harvest going? The DIY Network has a convenient web section titled “Plant it, Grow it, Eat it.” The group provides the latest tips and tricks on how to get your crop from soil to plate.

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My own peaceful green environment

Interested in growing a garden? Interested in going green? Here are 5 basic tips to get you started:

Find a sunny place: Most vegetables want about six hours of direct sun every day. Lettuce and radishes are some of the few that can get away with less.

Build up the soil: The more organic your soil is, the better results you’ll get. Start a compost pile for your garden or even just try spreading your used coffee grounds around.

Fencing: Even the cutest animals can be the worst garden pests. Develop a plan for the proper fencing in your area.

Scattering: Too many of the same plants in the same space could turn out disastrous. Plants will be less prone to bugs and pests if they are scattered throughout a garden and not grouped together.

Plan a watering schedule: Plants need three things to survive—sun, soil, and water. When scattering your plants in the garden try to organize them by how much water they absorb. The ideal watering amount is enough to keep the soil slightly moist so it doesn’t dry out completely.

Like the idea of a greener environment, but don’t exactly have the extra space? Search around your town for local farmers markets! They’ll often have the freshest and better-for-you foods. Not only will you help local businesses, but you’ll feel healthier too!

What tips do you have on growing a garden or making your new home greener? Everyone would love to hear!

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Taking a break from gardening with my little sister, Sparkle Greene