Moving with Reusable Bags

123:365 - Reusable Orange by Nomadic Lass (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Packing up and moving can be a very stressful process, but you can make it fun… and green! When you’re stuffing boxes, there are going to be those items you specifically want to put in bags. Instead of using the ordinary shopping bag, try using new reusable bags.

Save your grocery store paper and plastic (along with newspaper) as packing material for your boxes, and use reusable bags for transporting those special not-for-box items. Reusable bags are less likely to rip when transporting a lot of weight. And if you buy reusable bags now, you will have a set for your new place! When going shopping, it’s possible that you may never be asked for paper or plastic again!

Have fun going reusable bag shopping! There are so many totally cool and awesome designs. Here are a few sites to get you started: –they’ve won this year’s People’s Choice Award for Co-Op America, they’ve sold and empowered 210,000+ customers, and they’ll ship to anywhere in the world. There is such a large selection that you’re bound to find something you like! –this site features some of the most popular green brands around. From lunch bags to canvas totes they’ve got you covered. Ecobags also reaches out to the non-profit sector with customized fundraising ideas. –Originating in Australia, this reusable bag company sells some of the nicest and cleanest designs. Shopping options range from bags for the kids to bags made of 100% recycled material. *Some of Envirosax’s bags, when bought, will give a-dollar-a-bag donation for the Gulf Coast Oil Spill. This offer lasts until July 31*

Also, if your bags arrive in a box, save its box and shipping materials for the big MD (that’s Moving Day)!

What are your opinions about reusable bags? Convenient? Useful? Everyone would love to hear!

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