One Day on Earth

Hurricane Carlotta Stands Out in Earth View by NASA Goddard Photo and Video (CC BY 2.0)

NorthStar Moving® offers services for moving the everyday public and big time celebrities to their next destination. We know that people are always on the move and there hardly arrives a chance to slow down or appreciate what we have. On October 10, 2010 (10.10.10), USC film graduates will take the time to help others document and share their day on Earth with people around the planet. This project is titled “One Day on Earth.”

The idea was started by Kyle Ruddick (USC ’03) when he witnessed a group of world musicians collaborating together on one stage at the 2008 World festival of Sacred Music. Ruddick wanted to apply this idea to filmmakers, but after the United Nations and the international educational community found an interest in Kyle’s idea, the project became a lot more. Starting as a grassroots movement for cinema-makers, the project moved to a social networking platform reaching out to everyone connected to the World Wide Web.

Ordinary people from all over the world began joining the “One Day on Earth” community. By taking a different approach with social media, I believe this project is something truly incredible for people on the move. Being able to share your daily perspective with someone across the world through video is really more effective than pressing the Facebook “like” button.

The project is completely free and open to everyone, so how can you participate and experience a new perspective? On 10.10.10 people can film and upload footage to the network. Participants in the “One Day on Earth” community can then watch others’ videos as they are uploaded to the site.

One Day on Earth Open Source Global Documentary Project Badge

All footage will eventually be compiled into a documentary, ultimately giving a new definition and purpose Earth’s people on the move.

What will you’ll be doing on 10.10.10? Maybe working, traveling, or even be moving with us?

Whatever the answer is, we would love to hear your ideas on what would you plan to document for the “One Day on Earth” community! Who knows, maybe you’ll even make it to the big screen!

See who’s already joined the movement: