Home Organization for After Moving Day

Victorian House by roarofthefour (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The moving boxes are gone, the addresses are changed, now it’s time for some home organization. Adjusting to your new house is all about home organization and turning that house into a home. You’d be surprised what big changes a bit of home organization can bring. After you apply some home organization tips your home will feel refreshed and synced to your busy schedule.  Even if you haven’t moved recently, these home organization tips can help you get some summer cleaning done and welcome summer into your home. Home organization gives you the opportunity to start fresh in your new home the right way

The Kitchen

Home organization begins in the  most used room, the kitchen. With all the appliances and utensils we use for cooking and cleaning, the kitchen can be one of the messiest and most troublesome parts of the house. Keep track of which appliances you use the most and which you don’t use at all. Get Post-It notes and write down the date of every time you use it, and stick it on the appliance to keep track. If you’ve found that you rarely use it or have stopped entirely, it might be time to donate it to charity.

Photo by: Craig Cmehil

Rearrange small appliances to make things more efficient. Put the things you more regularly use closer to the fridge, stove, and sink (the prime locations). The appliances that you don’t use often but decided to keep can be stored farther away. Invest in a utensil bucket for all your spatulas, stirrings spoons, and whisks to clear up your drawers.

Home organization is all about smart storage so utilize your cabinets to their fullest potential. Remember shelves are adjustable. Try to rearrange them according to your needs moving more important items at more accessible heights.

The Dining Room

Dining Room
Photo by: cambodia4kidsorg

Everyone loves a nice and neat dining room. It’s the place where the family gathers to dine and talk. Home organization in the dining room begins with deciding how you will use this space.

Double your dining room as an office. Find furniture that can be used for two different things. Look for dining tables that have compartments for storage. Look for a hutch that can display fine china, hold large bowls and plates, and has spaces where you can hide your office supplies. Home organization requires some creativity!

The Living Room

Living Room
Photo by: Chad Jones

Saving space is essential to home organization. Just as you made your dining room into your office, you can use your living room as a guest room. Find a couch that can turn into a single bed and an ottomon that has a compartment for bedding and blankets.

Also, if you’ve got a big entertainment system, head to your nearby electronics store and invest in a wire management system to contain all the wires for your entertainment system. Home organization in your living room could save you time when you are entertaining guests.

The Bedroom

Photo by: vglorman

The last and final room to deal with is the bedroom. The bedroom should be a place for relaxation and calming, a sanctuary of sorts. It’s best to keep it clear and clutter-free.  (Having a clutter-free room is also known to help you sleep better.)

Instead of having it out in the open, put your television in a cabinet where you can close the doors and hide it out of sight.  If you find books relaxing, make sure to have proper lighting at both sides of the bed while you read. Limit technology to your office and make  your bedroom your personal escape from everything.

With a little home organization and outside of the box thinking, it’s easy to make more space and de-clutter! Hope these tips can help move some happiness into your home organization! Got any ideas on how to open up some space in your home? Feel free to leave some in the comments.