Get Started on Your Spring Cleaning!

It’s that time again my NorthStar movers! You guessed it right…my spring cleaning tip of the week! You may be overwhelmed by all of the chores and all of the cleaning you have to do but don’t panic because I’m here to help with spring cleaning tips! Try to make it fun and see the brighter side of spring cleaning…this is your opportunity to make your home a happy, clean and fresh home! Let’s start off spring cleaning with the proper supplies and tools!

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Decorating Your Dream Bedroom

Moving into a new house can be a big deal for everyone, especially with all the packing and loading boxes…but it’s always fun to move into a new house because that’s where you start creating new memories! One way to create new memories is to decorate your room…it’s every girl’s dream to decorate their own room! Need to be inspired? Well, I have few easy ways on how to create your ultimate dream room by decorating! Read More

Home Organization for After Moving Day

The moving boxes are gone, the addresses are changed, now it’s time for some home organization. Adjusting to your new house is all about home organization and turning that house into a home. You’d be surprised what big changes a bit of home organization can bring. After you apply some home organization tips your home will feel refreshed and synced to your busy schedule.  Even if you haven’t moved recently, these home organization tips can help you get some summer Read More