Moving to Malibu, CA

Point Dume Sunset by racheljac (CC BY 2.0)

Moving to Malibu, CA is a dream for many Californians. Many know Malibu as the home of the rich and famous, and there are reasons why. Malibu is prime real estate in Southern California. Malibu occupies a 21-mile strip of the Pacific Coastline giving you ample amount of room away from a noisy city while still being able to experience the Los Angeles city culture.

Malibu, California’s Beaches: Talk about selection!

Malibu’s Private and Public Beach Access: Moving to Malibu’s Topanga State Beach to Zuma Beach to Malibu’s Surfrider Beach, there’s no way not to have access to the ocean. While most beaches are open to the public, others require an entry fee, and some are only open to residents who have moved to Malibu. By moving to Malibu, a number of communities allow you private access to some of the prettiest and deserted pieces of the Malibu coastline. If moving to Malibu, you don’t need to have a home right on the sand to have private beach access. Also, image having sand and ocean just a minute away from where you live. Talk about living like a celebrity!

Moving to Malibu's Broad Beach

Moving to Malibu, CA means that you will constantly say “What a Pretty Sight!”

There are numerous motivational sights in Malibu, California. The top of Point Dume remains my favorite! Malibu’s Point Dume is the cliff next to the famous Zuma Beach. It’s my favorite because you can actually stop moving, sit down, and enjoy the view. When moving along Malibu’s stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), you don’t have many chances to stop and stare at the big bright blue. By moving to the top of Malibu’s smaller hills and cliffs near the beachfront, you great chances to take that perfect picture!

Malibu's Point Dume
One view of Zuma Beach from Malibu

Moving to Malibu, CA means seeing the stars!

What time in Malibu wouldn’t be complete without star sightings? Los Angeles companies provide many tours that moving around Malibu to try and show you where many of the rich and famous live. The Malibu Colony is one of the examples, it offers its residents privacy, beautiful Malibu ocean views, and a front yard full of sand. Talk about luxury!

Moving to Malibu means living near beautiful beaches!
Some of the gorgeous architecture lining the Malibu coast (Photo by rawkblog4)

Moving to Malibu means living further away from the city, so you just gotta love nature!

One thing people forget about Malibu, CA is all the nature that surrounds it! Malibu is lined by the Santa Monica Mountains. The Santa Monica Mountains create a number of California state parks, and one unincorporated area. This area of Malibu is call Topanga Canyon (otherwise known as Topanga). Topanga’s community lives in an earthy green-living environment. Connected by the narrow-laned Topanga Canyon Blvd, residents and tourists can enjoy oaks, sycamores, chaparral, and sage on their scenic commute or travel whether going into or out of Malibu. Many drive into Topanga to celebrate the annual Topanga Days County Fair in the summer.

Moving to Malibu means you will be a part of Topanga Days every year!
One performance from the 2010 Topanga Days (Photo by racheljac)

Moving to Malibu doesn’t mean you are no longer resident of Los Angeles! Malibu is a part of the “LA” location!

Over much debate, Malibu is considered a residential area of Los Angeles. Malibu is on the outskirts of Los Agneles, and many are moving to Malibu because of it. Those that work the “Hollywood” scene are often stressed. But, by moving to Malibu, they can retire to their Malibu sanctuary at the end of the day. All stresses can potentially be left at the door in Malibu because of the area’s laid back atmosphere and breathtaking views. It’s definitely a place to feel luxurious and calm.

Downtown Malibu
A View of Downtown Malibu with the Colony on the left (Photo by dsearls)

Considering moving to Malibu, CA? Northstar Moving® can help you feel like a celebrity in the process!

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