Moving to Simi Valley, CA

Simi Valley Housing by (CC BY 2.0)

Bordering on the San Fernando Valley and the edge of Ventura County, moving to Simi Valley means moving to the third largest city in Ventura County. If you’re looking for a family friendly town with lots to do in the town center and plenty of paths to travel in their great parks, moving to Simi Valley is the way to go.

Moving to Simi Valley means having wide open spaces and parks to explore. There are also 20 city parks and 5 country parks to preserve the natural area of the Santa Susanna Mountains. After moving to Simi Valley, these parks will be great for you family camping trips. These parks also provide a prime location for an occasion film or television filming such as the classic tv show Little House on The Prairie or such movies like Robin Hood.

camp area
Moving to Simi Valley you can picnic in Sherwood Forest from the movie ‘Robin Hood’ (Photo by: GraceFamily)

With all this wide open space, it’s no wonder hiking, biking, and equestrian trails are popular for those moving to Simi Valley.There are over four miles of trails for you to take, you can plan whole days adventure hiking, biking, or horseback riding. The equestrian trails in Simi Valley are some of the largest in the United States, a great idea for horse lovers moving to Simi Valley. If you’ve decided moving to Simi Valley is for you, try mastering all the trails in your new town!

hiking in Simi Valley
Moving to Simi Valley means great hiking trails (Photo by: bradley j)

If you get a little tired of the outdoors, head on over to the Simi Valley Town Center. With a multitude of shops and eateries, the whole family can have a great time! Did you know that moving to Simi Valley also means moving towards green? With the Sustainable Simi Valley Committee forum, everyone has a voice in what the natural and economic resources will be used.

(Photo by: GraceFamily) Your kids will love moving to Simi Valley

One of the most unique and beautiful destinations for those moving to Simi Valley is the Ronald Reagan Library.  Sitting atop a hill, the scenic views are beautiful no matter the direction you turn in.With the Presidential library, an air force pavillion, and the actual museum to explore, there are more than enough things that you’ll want to see and visit more than here upon moving to Simi Valley.

Reagan Museum
Visit the Reagan Library after moving to Simi Valley (Photo by: resedabear)

The only real downside of moving to Simi Valley is that its a high risk area for the seasonal fires that sweep through Southern California. If you can’t handle the heat, then why not head to a beach city like Manhattan Beach or Malibu, CA? I say it’s worth the risk with all the great attractions and local hang outs you’d gain!