Claire’s Summer 2012 Update: Seize the Summer!

Sandwood Bay From The South by ARG_Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Hi there! It’s been a while but I wanted to update you all on my exciting summer! I’ve made a little summer bucket list. My friend and I have come with twenty things we really want to do this summer. Some are super simple like plant a garden and others are little more challenging like go parasailing or go to Disneyland. We might not do them all, but at least we have them to think about this summer.  I feel like we kind of have a tendency to just sit around all summer. We know we are free so we decide “let’s just not do anything.” Not me,  I really wanted to do something this summer and we are getting most done!


One thing on the list was learning how to sail. I started this awesome sailing summer camp with South Bay Sailing  and it’s been really really fun. I’m learning a ton and the sailing course lasts for two weeks. It’s a lot more physical work than I ever imagined, so I have to remind myself to bring it back. I have to remind myself that my body limits are different from other people, nothing to be ashamed of, but it also doesn’t hold me back from trying new things.


Other things on my summer bucket list are things I’ve always wanted to do and some are new ideas. Since we just moved into a new home, I added “creating a beautiful English garden” in our new front yard to my list. I also want to spend five days at Disneyland. I have always had a thing for Disneyland, I know I’m a fifteen year old girl, but I’m allowed to have a thing for Disneyland. Another thing I’ve wanted to do is drive up the coast with my mom and sister. I can imagine us going from LA all the way up to Cambria, Big Sur, maybe the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, and then end up to San Francisco for a few days. It’s kind of bunch of little things, but it will be a very fun summer.


So the first week of doing nothing is fun, but then it gets extremely boring. It’s Important to have a balance. If I were you I wouldn’t sign up for things you have to do every single day, that’s just going to get exhausting. Start off with the top three things you want to do and then they will all come flying out. Start with a couple things and try not to think about what’s financially possible or physically possible at the time. I have things on my list like sailing that I didn’t think were possible, but then all of a sudden this camp came up and there was a scholarship that made it possible. Don’t think about the limitations. Write it down and wait to see what comes to you from it. There are a lot of different possibilities. Remember you don’t have to do them all this summer you can split them up for next summer too, or make the list for the year.


Getting friends involved depends on each person. Your list can be yours alone or it can be a family list. There are a few things on my list that are just personal little things that I have wanted to do.  Other things are more family oriented. If there things on your list that you have wanted to do for a while but have been too lazy about doing them, then get someone involved that you really listen to.  Sometimes it takes more than just your will power to get something done.


We are just getting into the world of foundations. This foundation was a dream for so long, but now this dream is part of the real world.  We are just learning, growing and planning ahead. Fundraising can be a challenge, so we have to get creative and inspire people to donate! Claire’s Place Foundation is always looking for new ideas, grants, and fundraisers. We’d love to hear all of your ideas in the comments below or visit our facebook page to share your creativity with us. To get involved and show your support visit our Claire’s Place Foundation Page.

As you get out and make your summer bucket list this summer remember to share your great adventures with Claire!