Another Very Vegetarian Holiday: Labor Day Recipes

Watermelon by mynameisharsha (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Labor Day is the perfect excuse for having your friends over for a barbecue! Labor Day recipes should celebrate what’s great about summer. How do you celebrate this holiday that’s all about relaxing? If you’re looking for some great Labor Day recipes, grab your favorite “Kiss the Cook” apron and get moving to the kitchen with me!

Strawberry-Ricotta Bruschetta

To start your Labor Day recipes, cool down from the heat with this easy creamy appetizer. To me, nothing says summer more than strawberries.

Labor Day Recipes: Strawberries! (Photo by jronaldlee)

Lettuce Wraps with Hoisin-Peanut Sauce

Your Labor Day recipes should definitely include these tangy, crisp lettuce wraps. Add as much heat as you want by adding more Sriracha. Make your summer spicy!

Labor Day Recipes: Lettuce Wraps (Photo by little blue hen)

PLT Sandwiches

Labor Day recipes should definitely require firing up the grill! Get the BBQ going for these delicious portobello, lettuce, tomato sandwiches. Mmmmm. After one taste of this sandwich, your guests will be calling you one “fungi”. Ha ha ha.

Labor Day Recipes: PLT Sandwiches (Photo by Pamlovespie)

Pesto Potato Salad with Green Beans

Potato salad is on the list of staple Labor Day recipes. This one seems a bit healthier (and still so yummy!)

Labor Day Recipes: Potato Salad (Photo by ceratosaurrr.)

Cherry-Nectarine Crisp

Celebrate summer’s favorite stone fruits with this dessert. You can even wait until dinner to bake it so that it’s done just in time for the end of your meal. That aroma will make your mouth water even on a full stomach of Labor Day recipes.

Labor Day Recipes: Nectarine Crisp (Photo by little blue hen)

How are you celebrating this day off? Got any delicious Labor Day recipes you want to share? Let me know about them in the Comments section!