It’s time for Spring Cleaning!

Spring Flowers by Curtis Fry (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Spring is approaching fast that means one thing, time to put away those bulky winter items and get started on Spring cleaning! Spring cleaning may not sound fun but why not make it an enjoyable time? Go ahead and turn up the music and put on your favorite song! Make this year’s Spring cleaning a cinch with bringing a friend over and catch up.Here are some tips to get your kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom in Spring Cleaning shape in under an hour.

Spring Cleaning tips on how to clean your Kitchen

– Wash any dirty dishes.

– Organize cabinets and cupboards.

– Scrub the refrigerator and freezer and be sure to unplug the fridge and sweep underneath.

-Throw out any spoiled/expired food.

– For a touch of Spring add in a colorful bowl of fruits as a centerpiece on your kitchen table to complete your spring cleaning in the kitchen. ( Check out these cool modern fruit bowls on DesignSwan)

Spring Cleaning tips on how to clean your Bathroom

– Scrub the toilet- make sure you clean the small crevices and also the handle.

– Clean the shower and the tub- wash shower window or wash your curtains in your washing machine or your local laundry mat.

-Add a scented candle and enjoy your freshly cleaned bathroom.

Enjoy scented candles in the bathroom! (photo by FotoDawg)

Spring Cleaning tips on how to clean your Living Room

– Take down all curtains and get them washed.

-Dust furniture such as fixtures, coffee table, tv stand, lamps, knickknacks, frames, etc.

-Be sure to vacuum the whole room.

-Also for a final touch add some fresh cut spring flowers to make the living room full of life. Take a look on how to add spring flowers into your living room by StylizmoBlog.

Add in a pop of color in the bedroom! (photo by mazzali)

Spring Cleaning tips on how to clean your Bedroom

-Dust down any furniture.

– Wash all bedding, which includes the mattress, comforter and pillows.

-Finally wrap up your spring cleaning by vacuum the room.

-Also change up your comforter with bright spring prints to add a pop of color. Not sure how to add that pop of color? Check out FreshHomeIdeas to get some ideas on how to bring spring into your bedroom!

You’re finished! Spring cleaning was a cinch! Be able to make Spring cleaning fun by setting an hour and enjoying it rather than thinking it’s a chore. You’ll be glad you did it.