Spring Cleaning Tips to Help you Move Forward

Woman decluttering her closet

While the idea of spring cleaning sounds inspiring, the actual process of deep cleaning your home can feel overwhelming. What can help you tackle spring cleaning this year? Focus on just one specific goal, paring down your possessions. Our experts at NorthStar Moving have learned… Read More

Get Started on Your Spring Cleaning!

It’s that time again my NorthStar movers! You guessed it right…my spring cleaning tip of the week! You may be overwhelmed by all of the chores and all of the cleaning you have to do but don’t panic because I’m here to help with spring cleaning tips! Try to make it fun and see the brighter side of spring cleaning…this is your opportunity to make your home a happy, clean and fresh home! Let’s start off spring cleaning with the proper supplies and tools!

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Spring Cleaning: Clutter & Organization

Wow, has it already been a week? Hopefully you’ve come back to check out this week’s spring cleaning tip. Now that we’ve got our green cleaning supplies all ready, we can get started with a brand new aspect of spring cleaning! (If you haven’t read last week’s tip on creating your own green spring cleaning supplies, you can catch up here.) Well, what is the next step in spring cleaning? My next tip is clearing out your clutter and getting organized!   Read More