Upcycle Old Cardboard Boxes into Cardboard Crafts

cardboard into cubes by jared (CC BY 2.0)

Think of your cardboard boxes as a blank canvas. Anyone who has read my blog before knows I love cardboard! While you can always recycle your old cardboard boxes, upcycling them into fun cardboard crafts is another option. Have you ever made any cardboard crafts? I’ve looked around Pinterest for the best cardboard crafts ideas. Grab your craft supplies, and check out these fun cardboard crafts!

Cardboard Crafts: Ball Game (Photo by rahims)
Cardboard Crafts: Ball Game (Photo by rahims)

Cardboard Crafts: Games

Cardboard crafts can keep you entertained for hours on end. While cardboard boxes are usually used for moving, they can become fantastic games, too! Here are my favorite ideas for cardboard crafts games:

Who doesn’t love Skee-Ball? Now you can have a cardboard crafts version for your house!

Here’s another great cardboard crafts ball game.

Love to construct things? This cardboard crafts construction set will keep you building for hours. Make these even more fun by painting them.

Cardboard Crafts Costumes (Photo by L. Marie)
Cardboard Crafts Costumes (Photo by L. Marie)

Cardboard Crafts: Costumes

Whether you are looking for a Halloween costume or just something to play in everyday, cardboard crafts are a fun, eco-friendly, cost-effective place to start your costume hunt. Here are some great cardboard crafts ideas for costumes:

These kid-friendly cardboard crafts will make for a galloping good time! Just make these moving boxes into horses.

Defend your castle from dragons with these cardboard crafts of sword, helmet, and shield.

While not technically a costume, this pirate ship is arrrgghhhh-some! So is this airplane. Cardboard crafts that can travel! Wow!

Relive the past my making this cardboard crafts rotary phone into a costume. Just put the receiver on your head!

Cardboard Crafts: Pets

Cardboard Crafts for Cats (Photo by oskay)
Cardboard Crafts for Cats (Photo by oskay)

Anyone who has a cat knows that they are OBSESSED with cardboard boxes. Dogs also like to get their fair share of cardboard crafts. Here are some great ones:

Does your cat like to scratch your furniture? Use your cardboard crafts knowledge to make her this cat scratcher skyscraper.

Make some cardboard crafts for your cat to hang out in, too. This house is fun, as is this rocket ship! Use your imagination!

Here’s a great idea for older pets: a cardboard staircase. Help them get up to high places with cardboard crafts.

Cardboard Crafts Guitar (Photo by wittco.gmbh)
Cardboard Crafts Guitar (Photo by wittco.gmbh)

Cardboard Crafts: Jewelry, Music, and More!

The sky is the limit when it comes to what cardboard crafts you can make. Here are a few ideas for miscellaneous cardboard crafts:

This cardboard crafts idea uses a packing tape roll to create a beautiful embroidered bracelet.

Strum until your heart is content with this cardboard crafts guitar.

Use your cardboard crafts to make more crafts with this loom.

Looking for decor ideas for your new home or a new hobby? Here are some more great ideas from our friends at Porch.com to turn you cardboard boxes into amazing DIY crafts for your home.

Do you have some favorite cardboard crafts to make? Tell me about them in the Comments section!