Green Ways to Explore Los Angeles

Bus stop by Jeremyiah (CC BY 2.0)

This summer I’ve decided to take up a challenge that not many dare to do in Los Angeles. I’m going to get moving in Los Angeles as green as possible! While most people consider it impossible to get moving in Los Angeles a metropolis city without a car, it is entirely possible to green your moving in Los Angeles by riding your bicycle, taking the bus, taking the train, and taking the subways! Take inspiration from NorthStar Moving®’s bio-diesel powered fleet, and try going green and see where you can get moving in Los Angeles!

Tips for Green Moving in Los Angeles

(Photo by Frederick Dennstedt)
Get moving in Los Angeles! (Photo by Frederick Dennstedt)

– Create a game plan. The Metro Trip Planner is a great place to help you plot out how to get moving in Los Angeles to where you want to go. (It’s always good to plan your return time as well, as the buses and subways become less frequent as it gets later.)

– Roll with the punches. There is a reason that Los Angeles is not known for its efficient transit systems, but it does get you moving in Los Angeles. Some buses arrive early or depart late. It’s a good idea to give yourself a five to ten minute cushion of time before or after the bus is scheduled to arrive.

Metro Rapid
Metro Rapid (Photo by fredcamino)

– Not all buses are the same.  Rapid buses have fewer stops and move much quicker. Local buses stop a lot, but you might get closer to your destination. Decide which one will work better for moving in Los Angeles.

– Relax. The bus is a great time to relax and catch up on the latest news or finish that book. Don’t worry about when you’ll get to your destination.

Bike. If you don’t like to walk, you can take your bicycle with you on the bus and subway, and get moving in Los Angeles that way.

Where to Get Moving in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has many great attractions that are entirely walkable. To help inspire you to get moving in Los Angeles green, here are a couple great destinations, you can walk around after taking the bus or subway.

Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills
Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills (Photo by Prayitno)

– Los Angeles is known not only for having terrible traffic but terrific shopping! Walk your way moving in Los Angeles through Rodeo Drive and window shop to your heart’s content! You might even run across a famous star! Don’t limit yourself to only Rodeo Drive, there are plenty of famous Los Angeles shopping districts to get moving to.

Downtown LA.
Downtown Los Angeles (Photo by steve lyon)

– Downtown Los Angeles is filled with cultural attractions. It’s one of the best places to see the sights of Los Angeles, and on the second Thursday of every month, the community comes to life with the Downtown LA Art Walk.

Chinatown LA
Chinatown LA (Photo by lokate366)

– Venice, CA. Take a walk down the Venice Boardwalk and experience a local culture only known to Los Angelenos. Starting on Washington Avenue and Venice Boulevard are the peaceful Venice canals. With quaint little houses, beautiful landscapes, and lovely arched bridges, the Venice canals are a great place to ride your bike along for a peaceful adventure moving in Los Angeles.

Explore Chinatown. As the first established Chinatown in America, there is a lot of cultural history that blends Chinese and American culture in a really unique way. Similarly if you’re interested in Japanese culture, Little Tokyo is also a great destination.

– For those who enjoy bicycling, here is a list of the 10 Best Biking paths in Los Angeles to check out! How’s that incentive to get moving in Los Angeles green?

Hope this inspires you to get moving in Los Angeles the green way! Do you have any moving in Los angeles adventures you’ve had traveling green? Tell me about it in the comments below!