Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Downtown LA at night by Adan Garcia (CC BY 2.0)

Downtown Los Angeles isn’t just the home of the Los Angeles Lakers. Considered to be “65 square blocks of urban vitality,” Downtown Los Angeles holds some of the year’s biggest shows, some of Los Angeles’s best restaurants, and awe-inspiring architecture. Unlike many other areas of Los Angeles County, Downtown Los Angeles has prime access to the metro making your travels easier than most places in Los Angeles. There’s a reason why people are moving to Downtown Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the Entertainment Capital, and Downtown Los Angeles is the center of it!

Throughout this year Downtown Los Angeles is home to multiple film festivals. Filmmakers moving through the festival circuit consider moving to Downtown Los Angeles film festivals as their headquarters. Downtown Los Angeles brings in an abundance of the big Hollywood stars, especially during the nice and hot Los Angeles summer months. Over summer, you can check out upcoming films at festivals such as the Dance Camera West Film Festival, the Hollywood Black Film Festival, the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, Outfest, the Los Angeles Film Festival, and Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles… just to name a few. Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Film Festival are two festivals held in Downtown.

Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival
The LA Film Festival is held every June in Downtown Los Angeles (Photo by jenster181)

Moving to Downtown Los Angeles means Tourist Sights Galore!

From the Walt Disney Music Hall to Miracle Mile to Olvera Street, there is bound to be something for everyone. Within blocks you can explore the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the LA Civic Center, the Mark-Taper Forum, the Ahmanson Theatre, the Los Angeles Opera, Pershing Square, the LA Times, and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).  Moving to Downtown Los Angeles, just right of the Arts Center, you can go straight into Chinatown. Walk a little farther and you’ll be moving to Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium. While these are just some of the more popular sights around the Downtown area, there is tons more to do. Check out Downtown’s official site for planning exciting trips and tours.

Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles
The Walt Disney Concert Hall against some of Downtown Los Angeles’s skyline (Photo by MargaretNapier)

Moving to Downtown Los Angeles, I guess you could say, has been getting a face-lift. The community has growing metro and bus routes as well as the Purple Patrol. The Purple Patrol is Downtown Los Angeles’s Safe and Clean team. It was created to help residents, visitors, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the overall cleanliness of the area. Long-time Los Angeles residents say the Downtown area has improved a lot in recent years. Many end up moving to Downtown Los Angeles because of its improving atmosphere!

The Purple Patrol Moving in Downtown Los Angeles
The Purple Patrol helps people moving to Downtown Los Angeles from Points A to B (Photo by jimw)

Sports and Events: Okay, so this blog post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers play their home games inside the Staples Center, which is also transformed into the Kings’ hockey rink, the LA Clippers’ court, and the home of Los Angeles’s women basketball stars. The Staples Center also becomes a stage for popular acts moving to Downtown Los Angeles.

Downtown Los Angeles Staples Center
Looks like a Los Angeles Lakers game just ended! (Photo by johanohrling)

Surrounding the Staples Center is LA Live. LA Live features Club Nokia for the nightlife movers, the Grammy Museum for music lovers, and the ESPN Zone for all those sports fans. In the winter, LA Live turns their epicenter into an ice-skating rink! Who said you couldn’t have a winter wonderland in Los Angeles?  There’s always something happening at LA Live, because there are always people moving to Downtown Los Angeles. *Residents in Downtown often get discounts and coupons for events and places in LA Live. To stay updated, follow LA Live on twitter.

Movers and Shakers shown at Downtown Los Angeles Live
A crowd gathers in LA Live to watch President Obama’s Inauguration (Photo by drtran)

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