Green, Green, and More Green! Celebrate St Patricks Day

St. Patrick's day parade by chidorian (CC BY-SA 2.0)

St Patricks Day is almost here! It’s time to get ready for green, green, and more green! Everything can be green on St Patricks Day, even your clothes and food recipes. If you decide not to wear green, watch out or you’re friends may pinch you. But, don’t worry, hopefully those silly ol’ leprechauns can save you! You may be wondering the real reason behind those lucky clovers. The history of St Patricks Day is a day of spiritual healing and renewal. We celebrate it to remember the Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick.

Photo by:  slgckgc
Photo by: slgckgc

No matter where you’re from, St Patricks day is a day to celebrate!

St Patricks Day Food

Now that we have a brief inside on what St Patricks day is, lets talk about the most important part of any holiday–food! There are so many fun recipes you can make while keeping the St Patricks Day theme. For instance, this soda bread muffin recipe is super tasty and an Irish favorite. The perfect dish to celebrate St Patricks Day. The best part is you can add food coloring to really get in the green spirit!

Photo by:  idovermani
Photo by: idovermani

If muffins don’t suit your fancy, this tasty Apple Mash Recipe will! You could even bake them in a clover-shaped mold. Green chocolate chip cookies are another great way to celebrate. That’s the spirit!

St Patricks Day Parades

Photo by:  infomatique
Photo by: infomatique

After you’ve chosen your food for St Patricks Day, it’s time to get ready for the St Patricks Day Parade. Some parades even donate their proceeds to charities. How cool is that? Watching a parade and helping others in need? What could be better?

St Patricks Day Parties

If parades aren’t your thing, no problem! Stay home, and throw your own party. There are so many St Patricks Day activities you can enjoy with the whole family! You can even dress up like a leprechaun to really get in the mood! Or, wear green accessories instead.

Photo by: treyevan
Photo by: treyevan

No matter how you celebrate St. Patricks day, just remember to have fun and go green!

What are your plans for St Patricks Day? Tell me in the Comments section!