Moving to North Hollywood, CA

North Hollywood Metro

North Hollywood Metro Station by Chris Yarzab (CC BY 2.0)

Looking for an exciting new neighborhood? Get moving to North Hollywood and explore an often overlooked gem. Just a few miles away from major Burbank studio lots, you’ll find the eclectic and vibrant streets of North Hollywood. Neighboring Toluca Lake and Valley Village, North Hollywood is home to artists, musicians, actors, screenwriters, dancers and pretty much anyone who knows their way around a stage. Known as Noho by the locals, North Hollywood is a melting pot of rich culture and many opportunities. Check out what we love about this unique artist community and get moving to North Hollywood.

NoHo Arts District
NoHo Arts District 052309 by vmiramontes (CC BY 2.0)

Get ready for your Curtain Call after Moving to North Hollywood

Whether you enjoy the theater from your seat or from the stage, you’ll find your place after moving to North Hollywood. With over 20 professional theaters, Noho is all about the drama. From revivals to new work, dancers, actors and performers of all sorts love the glimmering lights of the marquee. Catch your favorite shows or star in them after moving to North Hollywood.

Get moving to North Hollywood and find your flavor

Jess Furman at The Hesby
Jess Furman 8/28/2013 #3 by jus10h (CC BY 2.0)

We know your taste buds love a good show too. From an authentic French filet mignon to Caribbean Mofongo, Noho has everything you’re craving. Maybe you’re in the mood for something sweet after moving to North Hollywood? Try Aroma Cafe’s romantic garden seating or Republic of Pie’s live performances. After moving to North Hollywood you’ll find its streets are teeming with delicious options.

Express yourself

Street mural
Noho by KylaBorg (CC BY 2.0)

If you’re thinking about moving to North Hollywood, then you’ll love exploring the NoHo Arts District. In North Hollywood, art not only fills gallery walls, it pours out onto the street. From colorful crosswalks to exciting murals, Noho’s artist have left their touch on the city with fabulous street art. If music is your media then moving to North Hollywood means getting to work in recording studios where legends like Metallica and Marvin Gaye cut records.

Get Moving to North Hollywood the Green Way

Metro NoHo
Metro NoHo by brenbot (CC BY 2.0)

While driving is pretty much required in most LA neighborhoods, Noho actually encourages residents to use public transportation. As a hub for public transportation between LA and the Valley, you can get moving to North Hollywood on the bus, metro, bike or even your scooter. After moving to North Hollywood, residents walk to local parks, cafes and stores. Transportation alternatives make Noho an eco-friendly option.

What makes you want to get moving to North Hollywood? Share your favorite Noho spots in the comment section below.