Get Moving with a Summer Bucket List

Photo by downing.amanda

Wow, I can’t believe summer is almost over! It has been super fun, though. I hope you were able to do everything you wanted to do this summer and more. If not, there’s still time. Have you started writing your summer bucket list? If you’re not sure what to do, don’t worry; I have put together a list of some of my favorite summer activities. Check them out!

1. Go to the Beach

Going to the beach is a must during summer. Lay out your favorite beach towel, and soak up the summer sun. But, make sure you’re well covered. You don’t want to end summer looking like a red lobster. Ouch! Here are my 10 favorite summer beaches in the Los Angeles area.

2. Pier Time

Photo by:  Gill Stafford
Photo by: Gill Stafford

Go to your local pier! There is nothing better than spending time with your friends while riding a ferris wheel! Weeeeeee!

3. Summer Explorer

Explore new areas this summer! Even if you just go down the street, you never know what you may discover! These are my favorite places to explore for a Los Angeles “staycation.”

4. Summer Writing

If you haven’t already started a journal or a blog, now is the perfect time! Start jotting down all of your favorite summer days. I promise you, you will be happy you did! Add pictures, and you’ve got an instant summer scrapbook.

5. Summer Beach Cleanup

Photo by Cyril Caton
Photo by Cyril Caton

The beach is so beautiful, but it sometimes needs our help to look like nature intended. Organizations like Heal the Bay, Save Our Beach, and the Surfrider Foundation host cleanups frequently in the summer. You can also gather up some family/neighbors/classmates/friends, gloves and a few trash bags, and host your own a beach cleanup! Choose your favorite beach, and get that trash moving away from the shore.

6. Summer Volunteer

Speaking of volunteering, volunteering is great year-round project. If you’re not into a beach cleanup, there are plenty of other ways to volunteer! What are you waiting for? Find a charity you are passionate about and give back. There is no better feeling than giving back to a charity in need!

7. Go Green

Going green is a simple way to help our planet! Whether you start small or go big, every bit helps. What better way to end summer than to help our environment?

8. Summer Swim Time

Put on your bathing suit, and go for a swim! This is one of the best way to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

9. Summer Art

Photo by: Sam Howzit
Photo by: Sam Howzit

Sign up for an art class during summer break. You may be the next Picasso! Here are some of my favorite upcycled artworks made from moving supplies.

10. Make a New Friend

It’s always nice to meet new people. Keep an open mind and just maybe someone will come into your life over summer and stay for a lifetime.

 What are you going to do before summer ends? Tell me in the Comments section!