Life’s a Beach! The 10 L.A. Beaches You Must Visit This Summer

Life can’t always be a day at the beach, but now that summer’s here, you may be in the market to get moving for some weekend beach fun. Picking the right beach can be a challenge. Well, I’ve done the dirty work for you. I think there’s a beach for every kind of person on this list. Prepare to become a beach bum for the next few months!

Photo by: gtall1
Photo by: gtall1

Surfrider Beach, AKA Malibu Lagoon State Beach

Why This Beach: Because not only is the surf amazing, it’s also home to Malibu Lagoon, where you can enjoy tide pools, wildlife, fishing and long, luxurious walks along the beach.

Beach Adventure level: Moderate. The actual waves can be a little daunting, but visiting the historic nearby Adamson House is definitely on the lower end of the adventure scale.

El Matador State Beach

Why This Beach: Romance, romance, romance. This is the ultimate date night beach!

Beach Adventure level: High. The only access comes from a steep staircase. Sea caves make for even more added adventure.

Photo by: smash0r
Photo by: smash0r

Leo Carrillo State Beach

Why This Beach: It’s less crowded than any beach this awesome has a right to be. It’s also a further drive from L.A.

Beach Adventure level: Low. There’s lots to do at this beach, including swimming, surfing and tide pool exploring, but as thousands of grade schoolers will tell you, it’s a prime field trip spot, placing Leo Carrillo State Beach low on the adventure scale.

Santa Monica Beach

Why This Beach: The Pier makes this beach a must-see.

Beach Adventure level: Low. Ample parking and easy access to the pier and surrounding beach make Santa Monica Beach a perfect destination for anyone. Plus, a beach with a roller coaster? Yes, please.

Venice Beach

Photo by: Stijlfoto
Photo by: Stijlfoto

Why This Beach: A mesh of shopping, cutting edge culture and tons of sandy surf make Venice Beach a trip and a blast!

Beach Adventure level: Low to High, depending on your level. Convenient parking and paved sidewalk make this beach low impact. Strap on a pair of rollerblades, however, and you’ve got yourself a beach adventure!

Point Dume State Beach

Why This Beach: Because the final scene in Planet of the Apes was filmed on this beach! If it was good enough for Charlton Heston, it’s good enough for us!

Beach Adventure level: Moderate. Enjoy the view if you’re brave enough to climb to the top and glimpse nearby Santa Monica Bay and, on a clear day, Catalina Island in the distance.

Photo by: Sam Felder
Photo by: Sam Felder

Will Rogers State Beach

Why This Beach: With huge expanses of sand available, Will Rogers Beach is a great spot for families hoping to roll out a blanket and settle in for a day of sun and surf.

Beach Adventure Level: Low. Plentiful beach parking is available and narrower stretches of the beach make for an easy commute from sand to surf.

Zuma Beach

Why This Beach: Surfing? Check. Swimming? Check. Whale watching wintertime activity? Check!

Adventure Level: Moderate. Colder water and crowded conditions make this beach a 5 on the adventure scale. But the paid parking lot has room for 2,000 vehicles.

Paradise Cove Beach

Why This Beach: Because it’s nice to enjoy a plate of coconut shrimp while you watch the waves.

Photo by: katsniffen
Photo by: katsniffen

Beach Adventure Level: Low. The beach parking lot is easily accessible, the restaurant is right on the sand, and they provided padded lounge chairs if you want to have a little lie-down at the beach.

Dockweiler Beach

Why This Beach: Because it’s the only Los Angeles beach where you can still have a bonfire! Dockweiler Beach offers 3 miles of sand, a concession stand and a picnic area.

Beach Adventure Level: Low. Three miles of beach give adventurers of every level something to enjoy, including a concession stand and picnic area.

What are some of your favorite local beaches? I’d love to hear about them in the Comments section!