Wall Decorating Ideas for Your New Home

Measure your wall space

Measuring a wall in the new house by Kradlum (CC BY 2.0)

After moving day, the stark blank walls of your new home can begin to make you feel a little crazy. While most interior decorators recommend moving in and getting a sense of each room before painting walls or experimenting with any wall decorating ideas, sometimes all that empty wall space can leave you drawing a blank. However, thanks to Pinterest there’s no shortage of wall decorating ideas. From DIY projects to intricate built-in wall decorating ideas for your new home there are so many options. Here are some of my favorite wall decorating ideas.

Photo Gallery Wall Decorating Ideas

Of all the wall decorating ideas, a photo gallery wall is a classic and easy way to make your new place feel like home. While some choose to line up same sized frames into a neat grid, others might mix it up by offsetting different sized frames in a cluster. Home photo galleries offer endless wall decorating ideas. Start by arranging frames on the floor over large butcher paper. After tracing out frames, mark where nails should go approximately on the paper and tape the paper to the wall. Hammer nails in marked places and then tear the paper down. This easy method will help you develop your wall decorating ideas without poking unnecessary holes in the walls.

Gallery wall decor
‘dining’ wall by jawcey (CC BY 2.0)

Textured Wall

Looking for wall decorating ideas with a little more feeling? Textured wallpaper or 3D wall décor installation will bring lots of personality to your new home. Textured wall decorating ideas can come from DIY materials like shipping pallets or your favorite draped fabrics.

3D wall art
3D Wall Decoration by MyWallArt – 3d Wallpanel (CC BY 2.0)

Chalkboard Wall

Are you afraid your wall decorating ideas will become outdated? Chalkboard paint can make your walls an evolving art piece. Whether your wall decorating ideas are inspiring quotes, shopping lists, guest messages or free hand sketches, a chalkboard painted wall will come to life as you need it to. Feel like a change? Just wipe and start again.

Chalkboard wall decor ideas
chalkboard wall by jawcey (CC BY 2.0)

Decals on Your Wall

Wall decal stickers
Vinyl Wall Sticker By Wicker Paradise (CC BY 2.0)

Wall decals or stickers are a home renter’s best choice for temporary wall decorating ideas. Decals can add personality and detail to each room in your home and give you the flexibility to peel them off as needed. Wall decal designs can inspire great wall decorating ideas for children’s rooms that can change with time.

If you’ve already found the right décor for your walls and want to keep them safe during a move check out these great packing videos to protect your artwork. There are so many fantastic wall decorating ideas to bring your walls to life. These are just a few of my favorite wall decorating ideas for your new home, but I’m sure you’ll add a personal touch to your walls.

 What’s going up on your walls? Share your wall decorating ideas in the comments section below.