How To Design Your Dorm Room

The first moving experience for most is moving out of our parents house and moving into a dorm room or student apartment. The thrill of having your own space is so overwhelming that even the tiniest of dorm rooms can feel like a penthouse suite!… Read More

Holiday Party Hosting Tips

This is the year!  You’ve finally decided to host your very own holiday party. While you’ve been to enough holiday gatherings to know what not to do, it can be overwhelming to think of all the preparation you need to do for your soiree. Not to… Read More

Wall Decorating Ideas for Your New Home

Measure your wall space

After moving day, the stark blank walls of your new home can begin to make you feel a little crazy. While most interior decorators recommend moving in and getting a sense of each room before painting walls or experimenting with any wall decorating ideas, sometimes all that empty wall space can leave you drawing a blank. Read More