Veggie Recipes for Halloween Party Food

Halloween Party Food: Decoratoing Zombie Brain Birthday Cake August 24, 2012 3 by stevendepolo (CC BY 2.0)

Want some Halloween party food for your Halloween party people? We’ve done this before, so here’s part two! Here are some great vegetarians and vegan recipes sure to make your shindig a huge fit. Even the werewolves and zombies will agree that these tasty meatless treats are good eatin’!

Spooktacular Black Bean Hummus

Halloween Party Food: Spooky Black Hummus by FatFree Vegan Kitchen

Blogger Susan Voisin from FatFree Vegan shared her recipe of this fantastic black bean hummus. This tasty, spooky treat is easy to make with a food processor. Make it more ghoulish by playing with some black olive spiders and yogurt webbing.

Don’t forget the crackers! You can use this recipe from Three Ghost Friends to whip up some ghoulish companions for your party. Although you can serve hummus with just about anything, some monster shaped crackers are the perfect addition to your Halloween party food platter.

Mushy Eyeballs

Halloween Party Food: Stuffed Mushroom Eyeballs by Vegan Yack Attack!

These completely vegan little eyeballs only look like they’re watching you. Watch as your dinner guests devour the entire thing in one frenzied feast. The eyeballs are a garlic tofu ricotta, stuffed inside a mushroom cap. You can top them off with black or green olives, and get creative with some tomato paste for veins. It’s the details in life, you know? This recipe is by Jackie Sobon and can be found on her blog, Vegan Yack Attack.


Halloween Party Food: Cake Ball Brains by Hungry Happenings

You Halloween party food has got to end with a bang, or at least a muffled groan! These brainy cake balls are the perfect addition to any zombie apocalypse. These little brainiacs must be formed with a silicone mold, which you can also use for spooky icy brains in your punch bowl! You can substitute chocolate for red velvet cake, for a more realistic effect. In addition to that, you can also add a drop of red food dye to the white chocolate coating to make a nice pink offering to any would-be brain connoiseurs. You can find this and more by Beth recipes at Hungry Happenings.

Have any more terrorific recipes? Share them with me in the comments section!