People Who Move Us: Meredith Alexander – The Founder Of Milk + Bookies

In a world full of selfies, generosity is often hard to find, sometimes even within ourselves. However, what if that beautiful love of giving began in childhood? Could we shape a new generation to be philanthropists?  This inspiring idea is at the core of Milk + Bookies, a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded by Meredith Alexander with the mission ‘to get kids hooked on the power of giving.’

This unique ‘learning-to-be-of-service’ program promotes children’s literacy. First, kids pick books they love to share and inscribe them with personal messages. They then donate their books to children in low-income areas of their communities. These ‘Book Raisers’ bring the community together over the love of books (probably the love of cookies, too) and produced a result of the love of giving. ‘Read, give, grow’ are the simple steps to making a difference thanks to Milk + Bookies.

Milk and bookies eventA Los Angeles mom, Meredith Alexander, wanted her family to experience more service-type activities. This led her to start Milk + Bookies in 2004. The book raiser events were extremely popular. With the help of her family and friends, consequentially the program gained its 501 (c) 3 non-profit status in 2008.

 The program supports anyone who wants to create a service-learning experience for children and collect books for their community. Eventually, Milk + Bookies expanded its scope and held many larger annual events to support local libraries. Attracting the support of many celebrities, the annual  Milk + Bookies Story Time Celebration became one of the most popular. Moving many to read and give over its 14 years, Milk + Bookies donated more than 600,000 books and inspired more than 171,942 young philanthropists.

All good things come to an end.

Sadly, Milk + Bookies is closing its doors after the 2018 school year comes to an end in June. Therefore, we encourage everyone to help Milk + Bookies get as many books as possible to children in need. And founder Meredith Alexander also inspires us to spread generosity through example. Start your own service-learning program. Perhaps volunteer and/or donate to your local library. Next time you’re going to move, enjoy the amazing power of giving. Donate unwanted books, clothes, and non-perishable foods to local charities. 

Meredith Alexander GraphicInspired by Milk + Bookies? Get involved.

  • Start your own Book Raiser.
  • Spread the story of Meredith Alexander and Milk + Bookies.