Tips to Reduce the Stress of Moving During COVID-19

Stress free moving

While some days feel like an emotional rollercoaster during the COVID-19 Pandemic, by now most of us have learned to deal with an increased level of stress and anxiety in our day to day activities. Although we would like to sit calmly and wait for this pandemic to pass, life keeps moving forward and with that, stressful events, such as moving homes or our businesses threaten our carefully crafted pandemic routines. Moving during a global pandemic might seem crazy, but the changes that come with remote working, downsizing or losing a job, are forcing many to relocate during this challenging time. How can you manage your stress while moving during COVID-19?

Here are 5 tips to reduce the stress of moving during COVID-19:

Planning Ahead

scheduling your move ahead of time reducesstressReduce added stress during a move by giving yourself enough time to organize your to do list and prepare mentally for the changes. If possible, give yourself 2 months to handle your moving checklist in an orderly, low-stress manner. Get an early start on researching moving companies, and taking an inventory of what you want to move and what you will donate or give away. This moving calendar is the perfect moving checklist to help you stay on track while moving during COVID-19.

Choose your moving company wisely

Movers wearing face masksIf you’re planning on moving during the COVID-19 pandemic more important than ever to do your homework before choosing a mover. Make sure the moving company is following all the required CDC protocols to protect your family. Some movers can provide virtual estimates, rather than in-home visits to help you know the cost of your move. Ask questions on how they are mitigating the health risks of COVID-19 or what safety measure they are taking. Confirming their safe practices will give you greater peace of mind. Check out reviews on external review sites like Yelp and the BBB. Remember a great reputation is really the best way to make sure you’ll be getting a great rate.

In order to minimize the stress of exposure, practice social distancing and make sure both you and movers are wearing masks. Keep hand washing stations available (both at the old house and the new place) and keep windows open. As a protection choose non-contact methods of greetings and translations. Do your best to stay informed and follow any local or state restrictions. For more tips on a germ-free move-in check out Rocket Homes blog post: A Guide To Moving During The Coronavirus.

Keep your routine

Mover wearing protective COVID-19 Gear while packingDon’t let moving disrupt your routine. Whether it’s meditation, working out or just a daily walk around the block that’s helping you stay sane throughout the pandemic, make a conscious effort to keep up with these healthy habits before, during and after your move. To keep from becoming overwhelmed, pack in sections, going room by room. Adding packing into your daily routine will help you feel like it’s a progressive process. Check out our pro packing tips to help you get started. You can also ask your movers if they can pack for you. When things are professionally packed you ensure that your belongings get where they’re going safely.

Get your kids involved in the moving process

kids can color and decorate their moving boxesThe daily challenges brought on by social distancing and virtual learning have already added so much stress to our children’s lives, moving during COVID-19 could definitely leave them feeling out of control. However, you can give you kids a sense of security by getting them involved in the moving process. Draw out a floor plan of the rooms in the new house and work together on plans for decorating it. Give each child a backpack to fill with overnight items so you don’t have to dig through boxes. Include their toothbrush, pjs, change of clothes, favorite stuffed animal, and favorite bedtime story. Reassure your kids that they will continue to connect with friends, school and family through video conferencing no matter where they are. 

Be an emotional support for your pets

Dog is stress free on moving dayOur pets have been a real emotional support during this pandemic, so it’s only fair we take steps to ease the trauma of moving for them. Try to pack over a long period of time so that your pet thinks everything is normal. This will keep their stress level down. If you are moving with cats, it can help to bring out their carriers a few weeks before the move. Keep your pet’s food, water, bowls, medication and any other important supplies (like that favorite squeaky toy) on hand. On moving day, find a friend who wouldn’t mind pet sitting or find your pet a calm and safe place away from all the noise of moving. Pets get really anxious when there is a lot of new noise and visitors, help reassure the pets that nothing is going on. For more our expert advice on reducing your pet’s anxiety before and during the move check out our tips featured on

There is a lot to do before and after your moving journey, however make time to unwind. Explore your new neighborhood, parks and other outdoor areas in the community. Search out local businesses and support those that inspire you. Stay connected with others. In the end, focusing daily on things for which you are grateful will ultimately bring happiness home.