Moving to Phoenix, Arizona

You may think that moving to Phoenix, Arizona means nothing but hot temps and sandy deserts, but you’d be wrong! Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona, and has so much more to offer than just that blistering sun. Come with me as we explore… Read More

Get Moving This Easter Weekend!

What are you going to be doing this Easter weekend? There’s more to the holiday than just painting eggs and eating chocolate bunnies! Check out some of my favorite things to do for Easter weekend in Los Angeles. Easter Weekend: Dining Out Going out for… Read More

Have a Very Green St. Patrick’s Day!

You know, there is just something about St. Patrick’s Day that I just love. Maybe it’s the great Irish food, or maybe it’s the cute clover patterns. However, it’s probably all the green, green, GREEN. Regardless of why you love this holiday, let’s all get together and… Read More

Are You Ready For March Madness?

March is in full swing, and by now you’ve probably got only one thing on your mind: Basketball. March Madness is that magical time of year when families and loved ones can get together, set aside their differences, and yell at the rival team that… Read More

Moving to Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is a beautiful city, filled with some of the best things the state has to offer. From rugged terrains to full orchestras, this city has a bit of everything for everyone. If you’re moving there soon, or plan on moving there in the future read… Read More

Have a Very Vivid Valentine’s Day!

Looking to spend this Valentine’s Day with your one true love, or living up the single life? Whatever your relationship status is this year, I’ve got your back. Here are some amazingly fun things to do so you can celebrate in style this Valentine’s weekend.… Read More

Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Next Monday is Chinese New Year! Why not celebrate it with all of your friends and loved ones this year? Los Angeles and the surrounding area has some of the best Chinese food in America. Find out where to eat, where to go and what… Read More