Moving Insurance: What To Know

basic valuation

No one wants anything to go wrong on moving day, but sometimes accidents do happen. You can minimize your risk by choosing a moving company with years of proven excellence and a stellar reputation for service. You might already have moving insurance coverage through your… Read More

International Moves: What Determines The Price?

international moves

International moves are any move into another country. Whether moving overseas or moving from Texas just an hour south into Mexico—it’s an international move. Wunderbar! Fantastique! Magnífico! NorthStar Moving is happy to help  with your  international move. We are proud to be affiliated with a… Read More

Long Distance Moves: What To Know

long distance moving

What moves are considered long distance moves? Long distance moves are any move that crosses a state line. They can also be called interstate moves. Factors that affect the price of long distance moves: How far are you moving? When are you moving? Think of… Read More

Local Moves: What To Know

For most states, local moves typically occur from one location to a second location within that same state. A local move can be to another unit in an apartment or condominium building. Or, it can be to another home or place of business down the… Read More