Meet Ram Katalan

Ram Katalan

As co-founder and CEO of NorthStar Moving & Storage Company, Ram Katalan has created a business built upon his sincere dedication to meet the highest standards for service and integrity with his clients, team members and local communities. Ram’s Story Born in Israel, Ram grew… Read More

Our Top 10 Reasons to Be Thankful on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re taking a break from carving the turkey or stuffing your face with pumpkin pie, welcome! We at NorthStar Moving are so thankful to you, our wonderful blog readers. Did you know that being thankful can actually benefit your health? An attitude for gratitude lowers stress levels, strengthens the immune system and boosts mental health. If being thankful is something to be thankful for, remembering to be thankful for a lot of other Read More

Los Angeles Community Creates a Green School

When we decided to look at our company and all the green practices we already had in place and see what else can be improved, it seems like the most natural thing to do. But setting out on a journey requires a very stern commitment to stay on course against all obstacles. Of course we all want to be eco-friendly and go green, but a lot of times after you stopped to take stock of what you have and see what can be improved, you begin to take the necessary steps, and although Read More