Go Green on World Car Free Day

Our car in a way is our second set of feet. We’ve become accustomed to using it for everything whether it’s to go to school, work or simply hanging out with our friend. Without a car, we don’t how we’d function. But what if we… Read More

Get Moving to LA’s Best Coffee Shops

Coffee Day

If you’re like me then you know just what I mean when I say, “coffee makes everything better”. It’s a great way to start the day and sometimes it’s a great way to end the day. Now that fall is here, I can finally indulge… Read More

Moving to Seattle, WA

If you’re thinking about moving to Seattle, WA, you probably like the rain. Yes, it rains a lot in Seattle, but Seattle isn’t just about precipitation! Seattle is home to great businesses, great schools, and most importantly, amazing culture! You’ll never run out of things… Read More